Three Point Contest Betting Odds

The NBA Three-Point Shootout has been a favorite of the NBA All-Star Weekend since 1986. It was traditionally held prior to the All-Star Game and allows ten players to attempt as many three-point shots as possible from five positions on the court, including the three-point line. Each player has one minute to make as many shots as possible.

There are five racks with five balls for each position on the court. Four of these are the traditional orange Spalding ball and one is the red, white, and blue ABA ball. The money ball is worth two points. They added a rack with only money balls in 2014 to any of the five positions.

For three points each, sponsors placed two Mountain Dew shots on either side of the top key in the 2020 Three-Point Contest. This increased the score from 40 to one minute and 70 seconds, respectively.

All ten players have a chance to score as much as possible in the first round. The top three scorers move on to the finals. In the event of a tie, the final round follows the same format. There are additional rounds of 30 seconds for determining the winner.

Every year, the NBA Three-point Shootout odds come out and sports bettors can take advantage of this opportunity to place a wager on their favorite player to win. Although there aren’t many options for betting on the three-point contest it is fun!

The Best Place to Bet on the NBA 3-Point Contest

America: Bovada is a great book for All-Star Weekend betting, especially for the 3-Point contest. The lines are posted before the weekend begins so that you can keep track of the odds.

Canada: Sports Interaction is the site that always tops the All-Star Saturday events. They have good numbers and are quick to get the lines. They have everything you need for the 3-Point Contest, which is one of the most popular Saturday night events.

United Kingdom: Mr Green is where basketball fans can bet on All-Star events in the UK.

All Other: You can use a combination of Mr Green or Bovada. This is a great place to line shop for a player you love.

How to bet on NBA Three-Point Contest Odds

We can confidently say that this betting guide is quick and easy because there are not many betting options for the three-point contest. One set of NBA 3-point Contest Futures is available. It lists all participants and their chances to win the Three point shootout.

The odds indicate how likely the player is to win the contest. The futures board will likely show a lot positive values. However, the top player may have a negative number. The three-point contest in the NBA is not a very popular event so this will likely not be an issue.

If you look at NBA or basketball odds, the positive number is how much you would win on $100, while the negative number would be how much you would have to wager on the favorite player to win $100. This is the easiest way to view it. You don’t need to bet $100. It’s simply the way the odds are presented to make it easier to understand.

2021 NBA 3-Point Contest Predictions

Surprise! Barner is losing Conley. It is an amazing story that Devin Booker has been replaced by Conley in the All-Star Game as well as the 3-Point Contest field. Conley’s performance in 2020-21 was remarkable, as he was widely regarded as the best active player ever to not have been selected for the All-Star Game.

Conley didn’t expect to be there for the 3-Point Contest or the game. Conley’s 2020-21 3-point shooting efficiency is far better than his career.

Although he is being priced as if this is the type of player who can shoot 42 percent of his 3-point percentage this season, considering his unexpected trip, his baseline, and the history of small guards struggling in the 3-Point Contest, it is not hard to see the value in his number.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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