Fort Erie Race Track Betting Odds, Tips & Picks

Best Fort Erie Racing Tips

  • Each race will highlight who is the most tipped runner. This is the runner with the most predictions to win.
  • The race results will also show the number of tips that supported the selection and the total race participants.
  • We can also use the number of tips to predict which runner will win by dividing the total tips.
  • To produce a rating, the ‘Value Rating’ uses both the current odds as well as the percentage of tips. This is represented by stars. The more stars the better the value.
  • Clicking on the race name will bring up the event page.

Place wagers on Fort Erie Racing Picks

Our betslip makes it easy to place a wager. You will find an “Add” to betslip button next to every outcome, regardless of whether it is on this page or another.

This allows you to enter any predictions into your betslip. This page or the event page can be used to add as many predictions as you wish.

You can also navigate to other areas and add picks from different sports, so you’re not restricted to racing.

When you are satisfied with your picks and wish to place your bet, simply go back to the betslip to see which bookmaker offers the best odds.

Choose this bookmaker to transfer your betslip to their site. You can then place your bet.

You can also take a look at our Best Bookmaker For Horse Racing Guide before you finalize your picks. It will show you the most recent wagering promotions and offers that will help maximize your US Racing bets.

The Tote Board, a large display board in the infield, and the TV monitors show the odds. The minimum bet is $2.00 but the odds are based upon a $1.00 wager.

Let’s assume that the odds of the #2 horse winning are 10-1. If the horse wins, you will receive $10 for each $1 bet. So you bet $2, so $20 plus the $2 initial deposit you made to the teller. The odds of winning the race change every second. The amount of money placed on each horse is what determines the odds, and not the race track.


The large, lighted board at the infield shows the odds and results. The results and odds are also displayed on the television monitors.


The odds are determined by actual betting. The payoff is determined by the odds. The odds of a 2-1 win are very small. 50-1 is a distant possibility.


The race’s scheduled start time.

WHAT ARE YOUR CAPABLE BETTING RESULTS? Minimum deposit is $2.00, with increments of $1.00.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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