Greyhound Betting Websites

Greyhound racing betting has been a popular pastime for American sports fans. Online sports betting has seen an explosion in popularity over the past decade. This has led to a huge increase in players and new ways of placing bets on dog racing. We have everything you need for your online betting needs, whether you are an expert fan looking for new sites to place wagers on greyhounds or a novice just beginning to explore real-money greyhound betting websites.

Top-Rated Greyhound Online Betting Sites In The UK

  • Betway (Excellent Race Selections)
  • Bet365 (Bookmaker with the Best Odds Price)
  • Grosvenor (Top Buchie for Virtual Races).
  • MansionBet (Top Sportsbook with Bonuses)
  • BetVictor (Premium mobile betting app)
  • Ladbrokes is a recommended betting site for live streams
  • William Hill (Best Betting Site For US and Australian Races).
  • SportNation is the Best Betting Site for English Greyhound Derby
  • Coral (Our Pick For PayPal Transfers).

What makes a good greyhound betting site?

Legitimacy is the most important aspect of selecting from various greyhound betting websites online. There are many benefits to making sure that you only bet on legitimate and secure real-money betting sites.

Peace of mind

Trustworthy greyhound betting sites are safe for your money. For US players, this means that you can only choose real money gambling sites that have been approved or regulated by the US. A well-known gaming association should be registering these trustworthy greyhound betting websites.

Better odds

Greyhound RacingAn important consideration is the odds of the greyhound betting site where you are placing your bets. You will make more money if you have favorable odds. This is why you should choose a website that offers the best odds to maximize your payout when you select the winning dog.

Live Streams

You can watch the races live online if you are unable to attend the greyhound track. You should be able to follow the race action on your greyhound betting site and see the outcome of your greyhound race wagers.

Optional betting

The number of greyhound bets is another indicator of quality. The site that offers greyhound betting should have a wide range of bets, from simple “win” wagers to more complex bets.

Hosting Tracks and Relationships

Strictly sanctioned greyhound betting websites have agreements that allow them to combine online wagers with in person wagers. This means all players are paid at the full track odds.

Promotions and Bonuses

Numerous online Greyhound betting websites offer real money promotions for new members. These promotions may include matching bets or cashback for losses when your dogs lose.

Tips and tricks for betting on Greyhound Races Online

There are some important tips you should remember once you have found the greyhound betting website you wish to use. Here are some things to keep in mind when you bet real money on greyhound racing. Check out our guide to sports betting for more information.

  • Age – The average age of a dog is two years. Females can reach their peak at three years. Dogs that are older than this age should be avoided.
  • Value – Don’t just look for winners, but dogs that have good value odds. Dogs that do not win the first place race are still eligible for a lot of money.
  • Dogs with a track record – You want dogs that have at most some experience of exceptional performance. It is unlikely that a dog who has not performed well in the past will be a quality breed.
  • Pay attention to the trap – Notice where the winners are starting from. One trap may be better than another.
  • Recent races – We prefer dogs that have raced in recent years. Dogs who haven’t raced in a while may suffer setbacks that could affect their performance.
Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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