Betting Long Shots at the Race Track

Horse racing offers the opportunity to profit from the longshot. There’s more to horse racing than just ignoring every favourite or logical choice and chasing gargantuan chances (although there are many unsuccessful players who do this), but there are many times when predicting chaos can land you on horse for a large price.

It’s not easy to get there. If you have lost 100 of your previous attempts to catch the lightening in an bottle, hitting a 50/1 shot is not worth much. Profiting from longshots at a racetrack is like many other things in life. It’s all about being selective.

Finding the best spots

There are only a few situations where it makes sense to take a chance on a longshot. They all start with identifying the vulnerable favorite. Longshots can win at any level of horse racing and they often do. However, I tend to see them more frequently in these three categories.

  • Lower-cost Races (claims less than $20,000
  • Long Turf Races (1 1/2 miles or more)
  • Sprint races of shorter distances (less than 6 furlongs).

Although a cheap race may not always be a good idea, it can lead to more uncertainty in racing when there are a lot of poor horses. Is it worth risking your money on poor horses? If I was betting on a cheap race, it would be better to spend a few dollars on a price.

Long turf races are also a popular choice for longshots. North America is home to few horses that have been bred or trained for this type of race. Additionally, turf races are not very common of this length. The betting public relies heavily on handicapping data, which makes it impossible to extrapolate a horse’s abilities. Horses that appear slower than they actually are may just enjoy the extra distance and be able to beat horses who can compete at shorter distances.

These short sprint races are very similar. Although horses can run faster than most, they are unable to carry the speed for more than 4-5 furlongs. These types of sprints are often held on smaller tracks. Horses that can easily get to the lead early sometimes forget to stop. This can lead to some big wins.

How to Bet Longshots

Do your research before we dive into the housekeeping details. You might need to do your research or seek out expert opinion on Canada Sports Betting before you start betting on a race. Use logic to draw your own conclusions and jump in with confidence. There are many online resources that can help you be informed.

  • Register for your online racebook
  • Click horses
  • Choose the track/race that interests you
  • Choose your horse
  • Profit
Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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