Tennis Betting Odds 2021

Tennis is one of those sports where things could change instantly. The same goes for the odds and bets put up by bookies. Odds change left and right with every point made during the game!

The ATP and WTA have various tours going around the world, and you can bet yourself that there is a game every single day. Like we just said, ATP and WTA tours can take place in any continent and country around the world, and a tennis match can be played during any part of the day.

What is interesting about tennis bets is that bettors will get the best odds during a live match rather than before the match starts. Because the game can change at any moment, say Roger Federer is winning the second set 4-0 against Rafael Nadal, the odds for Nadal will be pretty high. It is a risk, but if Nadal comes back and wins the set, your winnings will be huge.

Feeling confused about what we’ve just said? Read on to discover all about tennis sports betting and a couple of tennis tips to arm yourself with better winning chances!

Tennis Betting Options For Canadians

Canadians are massive tennis fans, and that is why many betting sites in the country offer various options when it comes to tennis. The best odds are always going to be available when one of the Grand Slam tournaments is right around the corner.

Players can place bets on individual matches, they can also bet on who will be the champion, and most importantly, punters can place live bets. There is more value and the odds are sky-high when the match is live. On top of it, it’s simply a thrilling way of betting, as you can bet on a player that’s likely to lose, and if your presumption of him turning the tides is correct – you’ll get to win big, even with small wagers.

How to Bet on Tennis

Now, like many sports, tennis has its own unique betting options. Players can bet on individual players, matches, major or smaller tournaments. Betting sites are always up to date and will give out the latest odds on every player that is participating in the tournament.

Normally, odds for higher-tier players like Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray are going to be lower, and odds for lower-tier players will be higher. All that bettors have to do is check the tennis calendar and see the upcoming events. Once all matches are organized, players should examine the odds and compile a ticket.

Tennis Odds: An Overview

It is normal to think that bigger events like Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, or even the Davis Cup are going to have better odds, and you would be right in thinking so. Once these types of tournaments start appearing, a huge range of sites go all out to provide interesting odds to attract more punters.

Smaller tournaments will have lower odds because the spotlight is not always on them. But, there can still be some gems hidden in the lower games, with some players causing upsets because top-tier players won’t be 100% focused on these games.

This gives chances for gamblers to wager less and win more money. Players will also be surprised to hear that some of the best tennis betting sites will even give out free bets so that the event gets more exposure. This usually happens with other sports too, when certain bookies want to push the event into the spotlight.

Tennis Betting Sites: Pre-Match VS Live Betting

The best tennis betting sites will always have odds ready for pre-match and live betting. When tennis season is around, and that is all year round, the best tennis odds players will get is during the actual match. Pre-match betting is also quite good; players can choose whichever player they favour to be the winner, how many games or sets they will win, and also smaller things like how many aces they will have.

Although pre-match betting is good, live betting is where the money awaits. Once the matches start, the fun begins for both casual and experienced punters. Punters can place bets anytime during the match and on various combinations to get some amazing decimal or American odds.

Types Of Tennis Bets

Here are some of the best types that players can place before and during the matches.

  • Outright Betting
  • Free Bets
  • Handicap Betting
  • Over/Under Betting
  • Correct Score
  • In-Play Betting
  • Additional Bets

Outright Betting

The simplest and most common bets are outright bets. By placing an outright bet, you’re wagering on a player that you presume will win the tournament.

Free Bets

This type of bet is when players receive free bets from a specific site or some online casino that is offering its players some promotions. They are risk-free because no amount of money is being used by the bettor. Most bookmakers offer these types of bets occasionally, and they’re always worth claiming.

Handicap Betting

This pre-match type of bet is great for punters who are not quite sure who will win the match. Usually, this bet can be 1.5, 2.5, and above from how many games or sets a player can lose by.

Over/Under Betting

This type of bet is present in tennis matches but is more popular in horse racing, baseball, football, and other team sports. In tennis, you’ll be given an option whether the first set will finish over or under the bookie’s given number. If the number is 7 and you bet under, and the first set happens to last for 8 rounds, you’ll lose the bet.

Correct Score

Just as the name suggests, punters can bet on what the correct score of the tennis match will be.

In-Play Betting

These are the types of bets that punters can place during the duration of the match. If you’re well familiar with the game and you’ve developed a gut feel, live betting will do wonders for you.

Additional Bets

Other than the ones we mentioned, you’ll uncover a couple of more creative bets that will spice up your betting experience. These include prop bets, money line bets, ace wagers, meaning that you can place a bet on how many aces you presume a player will score.

Top Tennis Competitions For Gambling

Here are some of the Grand Slams and some other events that players can bet on.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is the first of the Grand Slam competitions and it’s held in January. The matches are played on clay courts, and until now, Novak Djokovic has the most titles – 8.

French Open

The French open is another major competition that is held at the end of May and the beginning of June. Over the years, Rafael Nadal has been dominating this competition with 11 titles.

Rogers Cup

The Rogers Cup or Canadian Open is a tournament that is held in early August. Ivan Lendl is the record holder with 6 titles.

Us Open

The US Open is the third major competition that is held in late August and early September. The whole competition lasts about two weeks and all the matches, including the US Open final, are played on hard courts.


The final and most famous tennis competition is Wimbledon, held in Great Britain. This is the mecha of sports, the ultimate competition for any tennis player. Martin Navratilova is the most successful tennis player, having won 9 Wimbledon titles.

Our Top Sports Betting Tips For Tennis

If you wish to be on tennis successfully, you’ll need to follow a couple of betting tips that will help you aggravate your winnings chances. Here are some tennis betting tips for both new and experienced gamblers.

#1 Don’t Be Biased

No matter if you love a certain player, there are times when they will go up against a better opponent. It is always wise not to include emotion in your decisions if you want to win.

#2 Take Advantage of Free Bets

Don’t just stick to one bookmaker. Try to find as many online sites that have a license from a known gambling commission and find out if they offer any special promotions. Further, that’s how you’ll learn who offers the best odds.

#3 Get Familiar With the Sport

It is always wise to know what you are getting yourself into. You can’t just bet on something you have no idea how it’s played. The more you watch, the more familiar you’ll get with players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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