2021 NCAA Football Championship Odds

NCAA College Football Championship 2021 Betting Favorites

Alabama Crimson Tide +250

Alabama was very impressive last season, winning all 13 of their regular season and postseason contests to win their first ever college football title since 2018.

They have reached the college football championship final in five out of six seasons. Their 2019 campaign was the first time since 2014 that they have failed to reach the final game.

After DeVonte Smith was drafted by Philadelphia Eagles and Mac Jones respectively, they will be without stars like DeVonte and Mac Jones. However, their team is still good enough to make a deep run at the NCAA this season.

Nick Saban, the head coach of Alabama has been winning with the team since 2007, when they won five NCAA titles.

Many fans are expecting the Crimson Tide will challenge for the NCAA title again this year. Given the talent they have, it’s easy to see why.

Betting on Alabama is a good bet for the new college football season. This is especially true considering the record they have set in recent years.

Clemson Tigers +350

The Clemson Tigers are one of the most outstanding NCAA teams of recent years. They have reached the championship in four of six campaigns, winning two, and losing two.

They were unable to make the playoffs last year, despite finishing the regular season with a record 10-2.

Lawrence was the number one draft pick in the NFL’s most recent NFL draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars acquired his services and the Tigers are now charged with replacing him.

Travis Etienne and Lawrence also left Clemson in the off-season. However, they managed to retain players like Baylon Spector, Nolan Turner and so it’s not surprising to see them as second favorite heading into the new season.

Lawrence will be a huge loss, but the Tigers should still be able to deal without him, given the replacements they have. Therefore, betting on the Tigers or their title rivals in Alabama looks smart this year.

Understanding the college football futures odds

As soon as the clock strikes zero in the previous season’s national championship game, college football futures odds are available at sportsbooks. Although there are many options for betting on NCAA football futures, the most popular is the one that picks the winner of the national championship. Because of the uncertainty surrounding next year’s outcome, you can get a plus-money quote on any team during the offseason or preseason.

The odds of winning the NCAA football championship will often look something like this:

Alabama Crimson Tide +300

If the Crimson Tide wins the national championship, your $100 wager will win you $300. You might notice that the odds of a particular team winning the national title are higher if it is close to the end.

Ohio State Buckeyes -150

If you were to place a wager on Ohio State during college football season, you would need to stake $150 in order to make $100 if they win the championship.

Futures odds can change daily as the market is constantly changing. They can fluctuate daily based on news, injuries and suspensions. The futures market is quiet during college football’s offseason. However, once the season starts, expect huge movements week-to-week due to wins and losses.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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