Sports Betting in Ontario & Lotteries

Ontario is Canada’s most famous province and the home of Canada’s capital.

Toronto and Ottawa are two cities you may be familiar with. These cities have the largest populations in Canada and some of the most well-known sports teams. Toronto is home of some of Canada’s most prominent professional sports teams, including the Toronto Blue Jays of MLB and the Toronto Raptors of NBA. They are home to 2 NHL teams as well as an MLS team.

There is only one option for sports betting in Ontario. It is an offshore sportsbook.

With such a large population and booming sport market, you would think that Ontario would offer a great betting platform for bettors. Pro-Line is the same software that the Atlantic provinces use. They don’t have any professional sports teams.

Pro-Line has the same problems as all Canadian sports betting platforms: there are no single-game bets, sub-par odds and fewer betting options. It’s a blessing that Canada offers many sports betting options, as many of their southern neighbours in the U.S. would love to be able bet on any sport.

Canada is one of the lucky countries that has legal sports betting. It is run by local lotteries and allows only parlay betting. Single-game wagers are not allowed in Canada. Problem is the Criminal Code of Canada which prohibits single-game wagering. This is a problem for sports betting.

There are two ways to bet in Ontario: online or in-person. You can place a bet on any sport by simply filling out your slip and taking it to cashier.

While a sports betting platform that is managed by regulators and lawmakers can offer some comfort, you should be aware that there are strict rules and restrictions that can prevent you from making good betting decisions.

You’d expect that there would be more competition to create better products for sports betting than Pro-Line, given the talent in Ontario and the capacity to fill stadiums with people. Although Ontario may not have the best sports betting platform in Canada (or even Canada), none of them can be compared to an offshore one.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

In 1975, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was established to sell lottery games through private retailers throughout the province. Today, OLG also operates land-based and online casinos, slot machines at Ontario racetracks, four OLG e-Bingo centers, and paper-based sports betting.

OLG has made significant progress over the last three years to modernize gaming and lottery in the province. OLG has been unsuccessful in recent attempts to open a casino on the ground floor of downtown Toronto. However, it continues to improve its operations. OLG partners with third-party service providers who can manage OLG facilities throughout the province. It also integrates horse racing into its overall gaming strategy.

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

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