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The BCLC’s Sports Action service is the best way to place a bet in British Columbia. You can place bets on basketball, soccer, hockey, and professional football through the Sports Action service. You can place bets on Pro-Line or OVER/UNDER, Props, Point Spread, and Props. You can find BCLC lottery terminals in convenience stores, supermarkets and casinos.

Review of Sports Action Lotto Betting

Sports Action betting allows you to place the bets that you desire from the comfort of your home. These odds are updated every day, but once they’re set in morning, they’re ready for the day.

Props offer the most potential for winning, and there are many opportunities to do so. It’s as good as any system anywhere in the province, and its customers have loved it for many years. The Lions and Canucks post-season success gives the fans something to celebrate and something to wager on.

Spread betting on BC Sports Action Point

Point Spread betting is big in British Columbia. It is also known as the puck line in hockey. The line is set for one team and ends in.5 to prevent any ties. You then sit back and watch if they win by that amount or more. The puck line rarely exceeds -1.5.

Spread betting is a popular option in football, especially in the NFL. To increase their bankrolls in any season, sharp bettors love the BCLC spread lines.

How to bet on BCLC’s Sports Action

Sports Action offers a variety of betting options for sports. We want to help you get the most out of them so that you can make the best possible betting decisions.

Oddset 3 Outcome

This title is self-explanatory, but we prefer to refer to these types of wagering as parlays. Multi-leg parlays allow you to select multiple outcomes from different games in order to increase your chances of winning.

The Sports Action Oddset 3 Outcome lets you do exactly that. You select three or more games and choose whether the visitor, home or tied team wins. The options that you wish to place a wager on will be marked V for a visitor and H for at home. Then you place your bet and, if your predictions are correct.

Tie games are different in different sports. For example, hockey has overtime. Therefore, your game must be played in a shootout to get your tie wager to cash. Tie is defined as a football game that has been decided by less than three points. Baseball ties are determined by one run and basketball ties by five points or less.

Oddset 2-Outcome

The Oddset 2-Outcome bet is another popular option for betting on Sports Action. This wager follows the same sample principles as the Oddset 3 Outcome but only offers two options.

Oddset and Combo

Oddset Combo lets you play multiple sports from one slip. These are simply other parlay options, and you will just have all your wagers on the same betting slip. A “Go for Two” option could be displayed on your betting slip. You can choose that to combine your wagers in a combination bet.

Point Spreads

Point spreads are a common feature in the betting industry. They are well-known around the globe. Sports Action points spreads equalize the odds between two teams to ensure that the underdog team has a chance. The odds of the underdog team will be shown with a positive number, while the odds of the favorite team will show a negative number.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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