Best Online Sports Betting Sites in Calgary

Canada’s “Cowtown”, Calgary, is the third-largest city in Canada. It is also the largest in Alberta and western Canada. Calgary is also a popular spot for sports betting.

Calgary is dominated by three sports: hockey, basketball and volleyball. The Calgary Flames are a team that has been a major force in the NHL and is now aiming to be a contender.

The Calgary Stampeders are a modern dynasty of the CFL, and they routinely win the Grey Cup. The third event is Calgary Stampede. It’s the city’s most famous annual rodeo.

Calgary’s sports gambling scene has been hotter than the Flames. There are many betting options available to Calgarians. They can start by referring to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s Sports Select. This operates the Proline, Point Spread and Pools and Props.

Locals will find the Sport Select a great option for betting, especially if they are new to it or have limited technological skills. There are many better options online, starting with the best online sportsbooks. These online sportsbooks offer better odds and more betting markets.

Calgary’s best online betting sites

Sport Select is an adequate avenue to bet on sports in Calgary, particularly if you are just looking it up. You can use it as a starting point to learn more about betting. Sport Select’s stacked games will teach you a lot. If you are looking for more bang for your buck then check out these online sportsbooks for Calgarians.

Bodog: Bodog is a Canadian industry leader and is well-known for its accessibility. There are many odds available, with a particular focus on Canadian favorites: the NHL, CFL and NBA. There are many futures and prop betting options available. Bodog is the best online book to start with.

Online and offline sports betting available in Calgary

Sports betting in Calgary is legal and safe. Technically, online betting is legal. The WCLC owns Sport Select and allows for legal gambling. According to provincial gambling regulations, only province-sanctioned gambling is allowed.

This would mean that online sportsbooks that operate outside of the province or the country are not part of the “province-sanctioned” deal. They are also not allowed to operate in Canada, so they are not under the Canadian government’s jurisdiction.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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