Best Online Sports betting in Montreal

Montreal is just down the street from Ottawa. I have been to the Bell Centre several times and find it to be the best place to see a hockey game (around 15 in NHL). They know how to put on an amazing show and there isn’t any bad seat in the building. It helps that Montreal fans, and Canadiens fans in particular, are among the most dedicated in the world.

Montreal residents have good sports betting options. Sports Interaction is the top-rated online betting site and it’s located just 15 minutes from Montreal, on the Kahnawake First Nations Reserve. Montreal is the home of Sports Interaction, which has its headquarters in Quebec. This results in excellent customer service for Montrealers who choose to bet online.

Offline Sports Betting in Montreal

Mise-o-jeu is an online sports betting option that is offered by Loto Quebec. You can place your wagers at your local convenience shop by filling out a Mise-o­jeu ticket. The problem with Mise-o-jeu is that the odds are quite a bit worse than what you can find at an online betting site, such as Find out more about mise-o­jeu at our dedicated page on mise-o­jeu. I also compare the winnings of the same wager between mise­o­jeu and an internet betting site.

Montreal’s Land-Based Casino Sportsbooks

Montreal Casino, also known as Casino de Montreal (in French), is located at 1 Avenue du Casino, Notre Dame Island. Although the Casino is state-of-the-art, it has a large poker room and a variety of table games. Unfortunately, the Montreal Casino does no accept sports betting.

Montreal’s sports betting lotto

Montreal sports bettors can place wagers with Mise-o-jeu Loto-Quebec’s dedicated lottery product for betting on sports. Loto-Quebec offers both online and offline betting, including convenience stores and gas stations.

These services and products are plagued by problems, including low odds and betting limits and no single-game betting options. Montrealers are increasingly turning to online sportsbooks for their sports betting requirements and preferences. These entities provide professional customer service, secure bank, greater odds of winning, more types of bets, and in-play betting among other benefits.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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