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Best NHL Betting Sites In Canada 2021

If you’re on the hunt for an easy-to-use sports betting site where you can enjoy hockey betting, then you can’t be in a better spot than this one. Everyone from pigeon gamblers to experienced betting veterans will find this article useful due to our comprehensive guide and first-hand gambling resources.

No matter if you are a high roller or a fan that is just about to enter the honeymoon betting period, we will help you discover state-of-the-art hockey betting sites which will never fail to meet your betting needs. You can either conduct your own research or take the easy step and familiarize yourself with our best NHL betting sites, as we have handpicked them to make sure they are a perfect match for punters hungry for NHL betting.

You’re probably familiar that hockey is the number one sport when it comes to Canada and that you will need a rock-solid bookie you can rely on. To find out more about our top NHL betting sites and why they are on our list, don’t skip the next paragraphs that reveal our search criteria.


Best NHL Betting Sites Online

If you believe that all the pieces have fallen into position for you to start placing your NHL bets, bear in mind that we work with many partners who are eager to offer you the best-imaginable odds for each NHL game on the list.

But wait, you should never underestimate the importance of researching yourself. Yes, you need to compare the odds provided by different online sportsbooks, which is relatively easy. If you use the mobile app of each online sportsbook that attracts your attention, you will easily uncover the odds they offer and pick the most competitive ones.

Before you test your luck and place a bet, remember to review the Stanley Cup Odds as well as the NHL Odds sites. The good part is that the latest odds are often updated, and you will always have the correct information in your hand.

It’s clear that at the end of each season, there’s always a new champion. So, Stanley Cup Final odds will always be there waiting for punters who wish to try out their luck predicting the champion.

What Makes A Good Hockey Betting Site?

Every time we evaluate a new sportsbook, we always check up on ten criteria that define the hockey betting site as a good one. Follow our advice, and you will learn how to pick the best online sportsbook where you can safely place your hockey bets. To help you create a picture in your mind of all the features we dug into; we’ve prepared a handy description of each of them.

Coverage of Hockey Wagers

The first thing we focus on is the coverage of hockey wagers each of the betting sites has. Lack of betting options equals a bad bookie.

This rings the bell that each of our best-of-the-best hockey sites choices comes with a stellar lineup of online hockey wagers. By choosing any of our top picks, you will rest assured find an abundance of betting varieties. So, whether you are fishing for live betting action or Canadian hockey league betting, these sites have it all.


Competitive NHL Betting Lines

Along with coverage of national hockey league wagers, we also go through competitive NHL betting lines the site provides. You should be aware that a far-reaching list of online hockey bets is useless, except the lines are acceptable.

If you want to double-check the quality of the offers the gambling site brings for their customers, you need to check this feature as well. That way, you can be sure that you will get higher returns when you guess the result correctly!

Safety and Security

Every player’s Achilles’ heel is the safety of their private and financial information, as they unselfishly care for the security of their hard-earned money. Since we always check this online betting site feature, you can trust us when we say that we have the most secure gambling sites on the betting market. If there is a minimum doubt regarding the site’s ability to look after your data, we will immediately remove the site from our list.

Reputation and History

We are all witnesses to new online betting brands popping up in the online sports betting industry all the time. Still, we are more than skeptical about these new operators. We start trusting them the minute we are 100% certain that they have a certificate and a high reputation for offering reliable and superior betting options.

Our list is clear of online sportsbooks whose reputation and history aren’t good enough for our standards. We always recommend sites that we believe in enough to bet at ourselves.

Banking Options

When talking about banking methods at sports betting sites, we must point out that “the more- the merrier” works the best here. It means that the sites we recommend are loaded with different payment options, including prepaid cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

Various currencies that the betting sites support in a partnership with a range of banking options result in more flexibility for transferring money to and from your players’ balance linked to your online sportsbook.

Ease of Use

The site’s speed is essential at sports betting because you might have a burning intuition, and you need to act with the speed of the light. Because of this, we never miss the chance to check if the site we are reviewing is easy to navigate.

We will never allow you to waste your precious time on sites that aren’t user-friendly. If you check our picks, you will see that they all have top-quality interfaces and promote fast and painless navigation.

Bonuses and Promotions

Each NHL sportsbook provides bonuses and promotions, but they all come with different types of bonus offers. We check all the ongoing promotions, then we compare them to the industry standards, and we categorize them according to the quality of bonuses they bring.

We also pay attention to the welcome bonus and other credits for new customers the site uses to greet its new members and the weekly bonus rewards available for the upcoming NHL season.

Withdrawal Speeds

Nobody wants to wait for a long time to get their well-earned money, and neither do you! We have tested the withdrawal speed in each of the operators that accept Canadian bettors on our list, and we are glad to say that they ensure the fastest cash outs in the gambling industry.

However, you should know that the time needed for withdrawing your winnings may vary according to the banking method you have selected. E-wallets offer the fastest transactions, and bank transfers the slowest withdrawals.

Quality Customer Service

Both online betting novices and veterans may sometimes face an issue related to NHL betting odds or some free bets offers. So, it’s vital the sportsbooks provide quality customer support service. All betting sites listed in our article have passed our test for a reliable support system. They all have a 24/7 live chat team that is well-trained and eager to help you with all kinds of problems. They also have a free telephone number and email address where you can send your questions.

Mobile Compatibility

We mustn’t forget to mention that online betting sites are the number one choice for all NHL betting fans as they bring customers the opportunity to bet from the luxury of their homes using their mobile devices, such as a tablet or a smartphone. We always test each of the sportsbooks we recommend to ensure they have a modern and mobile-friendly interface. Due to that amazing feature, you will be able to place a bet via your mobile device whenever you are as long as you have a good internet connection.

Let’s look at some of the best perks that the betting sites we recommend come with.

Sports Interaction NHL Betting Site

Sports Interaction is undoubtedly one of the leading NHL betting sites because it is packed with easy-to-use mobile and desktop apps. Let’s go through the other best-betting sites and see the benefits they offer for their users.

Betway NHL Betting Site

Betway will present you with different types of betting odds the moment you land on their official desktop page. It is a convenient feature since NHL fans can easily find the available betting odds.

888Sport NHL Betting Site

This bookmaker comes with a wide range of NHL games to bet on, offers highly competitive odds and lots of phenomenal promotions during the entire year. Here you can bet on the best NHL games as it promotes live betting on a hockey league, including the mega-popular western hockey league.

Bodog NHL Betting Site

Bodog is a lovely betting destination for all NHL games fans who never miss a chance to bet on NHL events. This sportsbook has various positive features, including free bets, NHL betting odds, live betting options, as well as high credits for new customers.

Bet365 NHL Betting Site

Bet365 is a great betting place and isn’t less trendy than the others because it enables its fans to check the live scores anytime they want and even follow all the live events using the unique Bet365 mobile app.

PowerPlay NHL Betting Site

At PowerPlay sportsbook, you can find various NHL betting options, such as NHL money line bets and over/under wagers. What makes this betting site better than others is that here you can get a great welcome bonus, competitive NHL moneyline odds, and free bet offers.

How to Bet On The NHL?

There are lots of potential online hockey bettors armed with knowledge, but they aren’t sure how to place a bet online. Due to that, they never dare to take the first steps and try online betting. Fortunately, you have us to guide you through that process, providing you with the smoothest step-by-step directions that will help you register easily.

  1. Registration: First, you need to create a new player account at the sportsbook you have picked, which takes less than a few minutes. Namely, you need to click the sign-up tab and follow the instructions. Enter the required information, including your name, surname, date of birth, and permanent address.
  2. Deposit: You have to transfer some of your funds to your new player account. First, visit the cashier section and select the banking method you want to use to transfer your money. Next, enter the sum you wish to deposit. When you are ready with that, don’t forget to click on the confirm button.
  3. Place a bet: As soon as your funds become active, you can line up your bets and access various online hockey betting markets. Be careful and add the sum you wish to stake for the hockey match.

You’re now done, and all that’s left is watching the game and hoping for the best outcome.

NHL Odds

In this section of our guide, we have summed up the details of some of the best NHL bets. If you have never tried online betting on hockey, count this as a top-level summary that will assist you in better understanding the best betting options for you. If you are an experienced hockey bettor, you can go through this section to refresh your knowledge about the best NHL bet types, and who knows, maybe you will learn something new!

NHL Bets (Types)

There are lots of live NHL betting types, and each of them is equally beneficial. Keep reading and learn everything you need to know for each of them and find the best one for your betting needs:

Outright Winner Bets (Money lines): If you are an absolute beginner in live NHL betting, then the money line bet could be one of the finest options for you to begin your live betting story. Once you get into the game, you will need to choose one crucial thing – your favourite team you expect to win the game, and it is as easy as it sounds. Since you only have one option, we can say that this is the purest sports betting type to understand and use. If the team you have picked wins the game, you will win your NHL moneyline bet.

Over/Under Wager: If you belong to a group of online gamblers who have already bet on other sports, then you are familiar with the term and idea behind this type of wager. With over/under wagers, you need to bet on the number of goals you believe both teams will score during the match. The tricky part is that the sportsbook will determine the number of goals the two teams will score together, but you need to decide if the total number of goals will be over or under that number.

First-Period Bets: With first-period bets, you focus on the game action during the first period of the NHL game. So, you need to concentrate on the outcome from the first 20 minutes of the game. If you decide to use this type of bet, you are expected to guess which hockey team will be better only in the first period of the event.

Prop Bets: We reveal a perfect betting type that you can use to bet on ice hockey called prop bets. Namely, prop bets allow you to place a bet on literally anything. For example, the first team to score a point or betting over/under on players rather than the game.

Futures Bets: Hockey games offer futures bets that include betting on a future outcome. With future bets, you have the opportunity to place a bet on the final outcome before the start of the season. For instance, you can bet before the start of the season on which team you believe will win the Stanley Cup this year. You may also bet on any of the teams in the NHL, including Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, and Edmonton Oilers. Many gamblers prefer futures bets because they come with high payouts.

Grand Salami: Have you ever heard of this betting type before? Well, this type is similar to the over/under wager type we have discussed above. The main difference between them is that instead of guessing the number of goals during the game, now you have to predict the total number of goals on a single day. First, sportsbooks tally up the number of goals for all the ice hockey games on a particular day before the first game starts. Then, you should bet on whether you think the number of goals will go over or under that amount.

Puck Line Bets – These types of bets are also known as handicap bets. Puck line bets exist to equal the odds as much as possible, and they’re useful when there’s a heavy favourite playing vs. an underdog. The typical points spread in ice hockey is -1.5 – always in favour of the underdog. This means that by placing a puck line bet on the underdog, you will win your bet even if they lose by a one-point difference. If you bet on the favourite, the team will have to win by at least a two-goal difference.

NHL Strategies & Tips

Being familiar with the primary focus and the unique style of each team plays a vital role when it comes to placing successful bets. If we add more practical hockey betting strategies to your previous knowledge about the teams, you will soon become extra efficient at selecting winners before you even visit your preferable hockey sportsbook to place your hockey bets. We introduce you to our list of free NHL tips that you may include in your betting style.

Tip #1: Pay Attention to Home and Away Games

It isn’t a secret that the home team has more benefits than the guest team. It is more than expectable as the guest team needs to deal with playing in a new location. At the same time, the home ice hockey team is used to playing with the energy of that environment and will enjoy the support of tons of admiring fans. Due to this theory, lines are always askew against the guest team.

However, we can’t say that all home team advantages and guest team disadvantages are equally shaped. In many cases, you can see that guest teams play better in a host environment than they play at home. Sometimes you can notice that the home team focuses on impressing their adorable NHL fans and are distracted by the gameplay. As a result, they make mistakes, and the guest team will emerge victorious, even though the odds are against them.

Tip #2: Know your Goalie

NHL Goalie

Another crucial hockey betting tip is always to check who is the goalkeeper in the game you have an intention to bet on. So, doing deep research is very important. We can all agree that it’s extremely frustrating to bet on a match, only to see the star player you’ve put your faith in is missing.

The most typical example of that is when your team is taking part on back-to-back playing nights, so always check what time and the night when the backup goalkeeper is playing. However, this is just one of many cases when the team’s coach decides to give a first-team player a day off while facing off against a not-so-talented team. So, sometimes it can be the main reason for losing your bet as well as your temper.

Tip #3: Keep Up With Players’ Injuries

Keeping up with all the players’ injuries is one of the best NHL betting tips that will help you win easier. This takes more than just learning which players went home with a few scratches after the game. You should track the players’ injuries to be up-to-date with the players’ names who won’t take part in the upcoming games.

You already know that hockey is a hard-hitting sport. Most players constantly get injuries, so you will have to do comprehensive research to list the seriously injured players from previous games. Luckily, you can do that by reading daily sports news or by keeping up with each of the hockey teams’ online blogs or social media profiles.

List of Top 10 NHL Betting Sites

You can find lots of NHL sportsbooks, but check out our list of top 10 NHL betting sites you must try before the end of the season.

  1. Sports Interaction
  2. Betway
  3. 888 Sports
  4. Bet365
  5. Bodog
  6. Powerplay
  7. Spin Palace
  8. Leo Vegas
  9. 22 Bet
  10. William Hill

NHL Betting Sites FAQ

How Do I Bet on Hockey in Canada?

First, you need to create a new player account following our step-by-step guidelines, and then choose the best NHL betting Canada sportsbook with the best betting odds to place your bet.

Which Betting Sites are Legal in Canada?

There are many legal betting sites in Canada, and our top recommendations are Betway, 888 Sport, Bet365, Bodog, and PowerPlay. Rest assured, they’re fully regulated operators holding licenses allowing them to operate across Canada legally.

How Does Overtime/Shootout Work with NHL betting?

During the hockey season, if the game doesn’t finish within 60 minutes of play, there is an extra 5 minutes overtime/shootout period. In case a player scores a goal during those 5 minutes, the game is practically finished, and his team will be considered a winner. Matches that won’t get a winner during the overtime continue to a shootout.

When Should I Live Bet on NHL games?

If you are new to NHL live betting and aren’t familiar with the term, you should know that it means placing bets on a hockey game once the match is already in progress. You can make these live bets as early as 2 minutes after the game starts or as late as the last minute of the match. The trick is to spot the ideal opportunity somewhere in between.

Can I Claim Free Bet Credits and Keep my Winnings?

Yes, you can. Numerous sportsbooks offer free bets, a welcome bonus or bet credits for new customers. To keep your winnings, you will have to fulfill their wagering requirements and wager only on selected bet types. By selected bet types, we mean that most bookies will only allow you to place NHL moneylines bets. If you win your money line wager, you will have to fulfill the sportsbook’s playthrough requirements that range between 5x to 10x.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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