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Stanley Cup Prop Bets & Picks 2021

Every year when the time comes for the NHL playoffs, the sportsbooks are overloaded with hockey zealots. The most prestigious prize is the Stanley Cup in the National Hockey League (NHL), given out to whoever the Stanley Cup playoffs champion is.

For one thing, the Stanley Cup is the oldest championship trophy that is ever given out to a professional sports team in North America. According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, this trophy is called one among the most prestigious awards in history ever given. Named after Lord Stanley of Preston, a Governor-General of Canada and a devoted hockey fan. 

The championship series of the National Hockey League was the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals, also being the main attraction of the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Therefore if you are interested in improving your knowledge and Stanley Cup Betting skills- we have the right explanations and tips right under the sleeve for you.

Stanley Cup Betting

Stanley Cup Betting can be an extremely thrilling experience if you know its way around. Punters are constantly trying their own luck betting on their favorite hockey team or player. Sometimes it’s hard to predict how the season will play out, but both experts and NHL devoted fans have incredible tactics of comprehending how betting works with the help of the betting odds.

Canadian sportsbooks are overloaded with sports fanatics during the Stanley Cup Finals betting season. The constant tension of who will win the Lord Stanley’s Mug can be such a remarkable experience too!

In 2021, the Montreal Canadiens and the defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning measured their strengths in July 2021. A four-match victory against the Montreal Canadiens gave the Tampa Bay Lightning their second consecutive title and third overall in this team’s history.

How to find the best odds for Stanley Cup Prop Bets

Experts and fans may use the betting odds to gauge the season’s progress. Gambling devotees may wager on who will triumph in the Finals before and even during the NHL playoffs. But it’s worth mentioning that gamblers will get higher chances of winning if they place their wager earlier in the regular season. Individuals can learn a lot from the team’s talent by simply following how the odds change throughout the NHL playoffs.

We advise you to always choose the sportsbooks that offer an abundance of Stanley Cup prop bets. But also, it might be worth a shot to make thorough research on multiple sportsbooks that offer attractive odds to choose the one providing the best investment return for you. Or you can bet on all of them at the same time and compare their odds.

Most sportsbooks offer promo bonuses that can drastically improve your overall withdrawal when you are betting on a certain event in the future. Never hesitate to take advantage of the sportsbooks welcome promotions.

Stanley Cup Odds 2021

Each team’s chances of acquiring the trophy are determined by the oddsmakers before every NHL playoffs start. Before placing any sort of bet, every bettor must comprehend the betting odds, since they are different, and can be quite confusing. 

American Odds

American odds are the most frequent ones you can find in most sportsbooks, especially in the U.S. and Canada. Most of the time they are submitted as a positive or a negative three or four-digit number. The positive digit number means that the team or player has lower chances of winning, while the negative present the opposite. The more or less probable it is for the team or player to win, the number goes higher on each side.

Decimal and Fractional Odds

Decimal and Fractional odds are more favorable in Europe. The more the coefficient is growing, the lower are the players’ chances of conquering presented with the decimal odds. The fractional odds can be presented with numbers line 7/1, meaning that the team you are placing your bet on has a seven to one triumphant chance – pretty simple.

The best NHL Playoffs Prop Bets to Stake On

Team and player NHL prop bets are the two primary sorts of wagering options for the NHL playoffs that top sportsbooks provide nowadays. If sports fans are constantly up to date with all the events happening throughout the NHL season, they’ll certainly have the greater chance of guessing the Stanley Cup winner by placing the most common prop bets on the latest lines.

The NHL Player Stanley Cup Prop Bets are mostly based on the player’s overall performance in the game you bet on. The choices are endless, and you can place a bet on the goaltender’s points, assists, goals scored, even a combination of all, basically everything you can think of happening in one play. Additionally, punters can also bet on player vs player market, or a particular or group stat over/under.

The NHL Team Stanley Cup Prop Bets are basically similar, but with a much wider choice than the player’s prop bets for the overall team’s performance during your chosen match. Bettors can make a prop bet like Double Chance, whether the team will score a goal of victory in the game or ties, the total number of Team Goals Scored, or who gains the most points for the team.

These are just a few, but after a deep analysis and research, you can find the other important approaches you can wager on.

Varieties of Stanley Cup Props 2021

Stanley Cup prop bets are commonly about specific components of the NHL playoffs. The above-mentioned bets like over/under prop bets, or any other like spread or money line are not involved for Stanley’s mug prop betting. 

As a general rule, multiple sportsbooks allow prop bets including which team will score a goal first in a particular hockey match, the series length, or who is the MVP in the Stanley Cup finals.

Every possible plot that you may have about the game, can be transformed into a prop bet. Many gamblers state that it can be much easier to succeed in betting if you forecast the outcome based on the prop bets rather than betting with the odds.

Individual Game/Player Prop Bet

The popular individual player props is the wagering on who wins the Conn Smythe Trophy Award in the championship final. Also, one player is always entitled to the Most Important Player in the playoffs award. Every game owns an endless number of prop bets available to be chosen by the fans.

It’s all based on if the goal was scored in the first period, is it a shorthanded goal, or if the victory is gained individually. There are also included the at least one goal scored, by one player or the whole crew.

Series Prop Bets

Foreshadowing the total number of matches required to obtain Stanley’s cup is one of the most popular prop bets for these finals. Among the others, bettors can find the options to bet on overtime games, or goal totals over/under during the whole series. 

Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting

The playoffs can definitely indicate many rivalries between the hockey teams, but betting on the NHL playoffs can certainly help you to decide which side to choose. This can be an incredible way to learn more and choose your favorite squad if you already don’t have one.

Gambling on NHL games has more advantages when punters know who to cheer for, but with the increase of placed bets, the interest can be more passionate and prolonged.


Money Lines betting is simply a straight-up triumph. This playoff bet allows you to stake on what team will win the game based on your beliefs and that’s it. Note, though, that you shouldn’t always bet on the dominant teams since, in hockey, anyone can prevail overnight. The victor of a game that is still a tie after three periods is determined with a shootout or overtime.


The totals are not common at sports gambling, but when they are available, the odds never exceed over 6.5. They are not as prevalent as the Moneylines, and this is a bet on how many goals each side will score. OVER can be your wager if you are positive that the final score will be higher than the one the oddsmakers provided. And of course, UNDER would be your bet if you believe in a lower score.

Puck Lines

If you bet on a team to beat the puck line by a specific number, you are betting on the point spread. Here, the underdog can have a benefit of 1.5 whereas the favorite club will receive a deficit of 1.5 goals with the puck line bet. The basic outcome of this low-score sport is 3-2, therefore the darling unit is required to win by 2 goals at least.

Previous Champions Of The Stanley Cup

We would definitely need to write another article if we aspire to include every club that has ever won the Stanley Cup since the beginning.  The first Canadian winner of the Stanley Cup Trophy was the Montreal Hockey Club back in 1893, March 17th. Below we will list the latest Champions of the Stanley Cup in this last decade:

  • 2021 – Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 2020 – Tampa Bay Lightning (EC)
  • 2019 – St. Louis Blues (WC)
  • 2018 – Washington Capitals (EC)
  • 2017 – Pittsburgh Penguins (EC)
  • 2016 – Pittsburgh Penguins (EC)
  • 2015 – Chicago Blackhawks (WC)
  • 2014 – Los Angeles Kings (WC)
  • 2013 – Chicago Blackhawks (WC)
  • 2012 – Los Angeles Kings (WC)
  • 2011 – Boston Bruins (EC)


All-Time Stanley Cup Champions

Being known as the Kings of the Stanley Cup, Montreal Canadiens have won this NHL trophy 24 times since 1915. Their latest triumph was back in 1992-93. This franchise has been in existence way longer than any other NHL team, being the only one that predates the NHL’s inception.

Since 1950, Montreal Canadiens have been dominant, claiming five sequential Stanley Trophies (1956-60), and they made it to the finals ten times in a row (1950-60). The team’s home venue is the Bell Centre in Montreal, and their home games are usually sold out.

Who will win the Stanley Cup in 2022? Early 2022 Predictions

When it comes to the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs, they may be the most thrilling in NHL history.

The BetMGM prediction odds for the 2022 term are:

  • Colorado Avalanche               +600
  • Vegas Golden Knights           +700
  • Tampa Bay Lightning           +750
  • Boston Bruins                         +1200
  • Toronto Maple Leafs           +1400
  • Carolina Hurricanes            +1400
  • New York Islanders             +1800

The first and second matchups could be played out between:

  • Flyers vs Panthers
  • Bruins vs Lightning
  • Golden Knights vs Oilers
  • Stars vs Avalanche

Over the last two years, Tampa Bay Lightning was extraordinary, succeeding two times in a row. However, for the next year, they are the third favorites to conquer.

The predicted odds for Tampa Bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup in 2022 are +750. All the hopes are given to the Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights in the upcoming 2022 playoffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best chance of victory in the 2022 Stanley Cup Championship?

Even though hockey can be the most unpredictable game, and no one can predict the winner for sure, the best odds for 2022 are given to the Colorado Avalanche.

What is a Stanley Cup futures bet?

Here, you predict what could happen in the future. It includes betting on the outcome of the NHL for the Stanley Cup event before the playoff begins.

Any recommendations for sportsbooks for Stanley Cups predictions?

Before every betting competition, make sure you read the latest reviews to find the best sportsbook for Stanley Cups predictions. For 2021 the top five were BetUs, BetOnline, My Bookie, Sports Betting and Bovada.

Is it permissible to bet on the NHL Stanley Cup championship in Canada?

To bet on the NHL in Canada, you may choose from two legal options. Either join up a virtual sportsbook or use a regional sports wagering service.
The Legal Sports Betting Map at FanDuel will keep you up-to-date on the status of legal sports gaming in every state.

Why do the Stanley Cup betting odds fluctuate so frequently?

Odds can be affected by a variety of factors, and the major determinants here are money, new info, or market confidence. Usually, changes alter before the Stanley Cup begins, changing specific outcomes.

Last Updated on April 16, 2022

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