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NHL Vezina Trophy Odds | Best Goalie 2021

At the end of each season, the Vezina Trophy is awarded to the goalkeeper who is considered to be the best and has the best save percentage. Unlike the Hart Trophy, the Vezina winner is decided entirely by NHL’s general managers.

It’s difficult to predict which goalie will be heroic in the following season, as they are more susceptible to large swings in their play from season to season. We will stay up-to-date with odds regarding the NHL Vezina Trophy on a range of online sportsbooks, given how frequently they tend to change!

Vezina Trophy Top Contenders

The Chicago Blackhawks’ goalkeeper, Marc-Andre Fleury, has a career-best saving percentage of .927, which makes him one of the best goalkeepers to ever brace the game.

The last goalkeeper to win four straight Vezina Trophies was Martin Brodeur, who was nominated for the best goalkeeper prize five consecutive times, from 2003 to 2008. Colorado Avalanche’s Grubauer also received his first nomination after liaising for the leadership of the team’s seven shutouts in two decades.

Enough with history – let’s see some 2021/2022 contenders for the Vezina!

The biggest favourite for this season’s Vezina Trophy is Andrei Vasilevskiy, with +400 odds at most bookies. The second and third spots are reserved for Marc-Andre Fleury and Philip Grubauer with +800 odds.

It’s a prestigious title, so expect all of these goalies to fight to claim it fiercely! You can check out their odds below – we’re keeping them updated as time goes by!

NHL Vezina Trophy Odds: Best Bets

The odds for the Vezina Trophy winners were recently released, given the fact that many punters enjoy betting at the beginning of the season. Andrei Vasilevskiy is considered the best goalie in the league, but it’s hard to predict whether he will remain at the top or not.

Chicago Blackhawks’ Marc Andre Fleury responded with one of his best seasons ever, following the write-off by numerous sportsbooks. Seattle Kraken’s Phillip Grubauer had a good season as well, coming at place No.5 with a .920 Sv% and 2.33 GAA.

Connor Hellebuyck is just another name that sportsbooks consider as a top contender to win the Vezina Trophy, also a name that’s most likely to replace Vasilevskiy.

Darcy Kuemper’s 0.921 Sv% and 2.38 GAA placed him in the lead of the league when you compare the results over the last 4 seasons. Robin Lehner won the Vezina voting and won the Jennings in the same period twice.

Frankly, there’s no way to know which of these best goalies will lift the 2021/22 Vezina Trophy the following season. All you can do is place your prediction and hope for the best!

However, you can pay attention to one little detail – examine the defenders playing alongside your preferred goalkeeper. If they’re rock solid and in form, they will help your goalie in a great manner!

Vezina Trophy Odds For Previous Winners

Goalkeepers with at least 25 games and the least number of goals conceded are invited to the Vezina Trophy ceremony. The trophy is presented at the NHL Awards, where three finalists are nominated at the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Vezina winner from 2018/19 is Andrei Vasilevskiy, and he is the current favourite for winning this year’s trophy with average odds of +400. Another previous winner is Marc-Andre Fleury, who won the previous season’s Vezina Trophy with rock-solid odds of +800 for snatching it once again.

Last 10 Best NHL Goalie Winners

Below, you’ll find the names of the best 10 NHL goalies who have won a trophy for their excellence in hockey.

NHL Goalies ‑ All-Time Wins Leaders

  • CA     Martin Brodeur
  • CA     Patrick Roy  
  • CA     Marc-Andre Fleury   
  • CA     Roberto Luongo
  • CA     Ed Belfour
  • CA     Henrik Lundqvist
  • CA     Curtis Joseph
  • CA     Terry Sawchuk
  • CA     Jacques Plante
  • CA     Tony Esposito

Players With Multiple Trophies In The Modern Era

When talking about trophies, one of the most notable ones is the Hart Memorial Trophy.

The Hart Memorial Trophy is named after Dr. David Hart – the Montreal Canadiens’ former coach who was the first-ever award recipient. After the 1923-24 NHL season, the prize was presented to Frank Nighbor from the First Senators in Ottawa. The NHL launched the Hart Memorial Trophy in 1960. The award was initially granted to all players who have the necessary qualifications. All participants that won the Hart Trophy are displayed in the NHL’s Hall of Fame, except for Tommy Anderson, Al Rollins, and Jose Theodore.

Wayne Gretzky won this honour 9 times in total, 8 of which were successive. He was named MVP in more Ice Hockey matches than any other player, even if compared to players from other major leagues such as the NBA and NFL.

Gordie Howe was a record NHL winner six times before Gretzky. The only players with more than one chance to win the Hart Trophy are Gretzky and his Edmonton Oilers squadmate Mark Messer.  Another notable player winning the MVP trophy five times is Peyton Manning. Five more players in total have won it three times each – Johnny Unitas, Jim Brown, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers.

Montreal Canadiens’s players have won the prize seventeen times; Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers’ players have got their joint second with twelve winners. In 2005-2006, Joe Thornton was the only recipient of the Hart Trophy to switch teams and play for both the Bruins and San Jose Sharks during his winning year.

Goalkeepers rarely win this prize, and they’ve only managed to get a hold of it eight times throughout history. The only double winner is Buffalo Sabres’ goaltender Dominik Hasek.

As goalkeepers seldom win this trophy, the NHL had to come up with another award – the Vezina Trophy. This reward was introduced in 1927 in honour of Georges Vezina. It’s a trophy meant for goalkeepers who concede the least amount of goals during a regular season, but you already knew this.

It’s a good award because all goalies have an equal chance of lifting it, whether they play in a team that’s a title or merely a playoff contender.

Jacques Plante is the goalie with most Vezina trophies, seven – the only player who won it five consecutive times between 1956 and 1960. Bill Durnan and Dominik Hasek went into NHL’s history books by winning this prestige trophy six times. They were accompanied by Ken Dryden, who snatched this award five times.

As for teams, Montreal Canadiens’ goaltenders have won the Vezina trophy 29 times – more than any other team in history!

Vezina Trophy Betting Odds FAQ

How do you win the Vezina Trophy?

The NHL’s goaltender with the biggest save percentage receives the Vezina trophy each year. Every year, the prize is honoured for that player.32 general managers of the NHL will vote to identify the winner at the end of each season and later announce him in a glorious ceremony.

Who won the most Vezina trophies?

Jacques Plante is the name you’re looking for – seven trophies. The Vezina Trophy has been awarded six times to Bill Durnan and Hasek, followed by Ken Dryden with five.

How many games do you need for Vezina?

The current NHL Vezina Trophy criteria were established by the NHL from 1981 to 1982. Goalies must play at least 25 games to become contenders for the trophy.

Where can I bet on the best goalie in Canada?

Your options are virtually limitless, as countless bookmakers are available online. However, the operators featured in our article are a good place to start – they’re fully licensed and regulated.

How do they decide who the best goalie is?

The Vezina Trophy is given every year to the goalkeeper of the National Hockey League (NHL), who ‘will be the greatest in this position.’ The 32 NHL general managers vote to decide the winner at the end of each season.

Last Updated on April 16, 2022

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