Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix Betting & Odds

  • Sunday, October 31, 2021
  • Autodromo Hermanos Rodrigues
  • Mexico City
  • First held 1962
  • Circuit length: 2.674 mi
  • Race distance: 189.738 mi
  • Laps 71

Since 1962, the Mexican Grand Prix has been a key Formula 1 race. The race was not held between 1993-2014, but it is now back and producing lots of F1 betting excitement. We have all the information you need to place your best bets on the Mexican Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton was in a bad mood when he left Japan and we expect his rivals to suffer in our predictions for the Mexican Grand Prix.

The Briton, 64 points behind team-mate Valtteri bottas after just four rounds and with 104 points remaining to play for the title, was furious at Mercedes for making mistakes in strategy.

Hamilton, if he is motivated, will be a formidable opponent. The odds of him winning the Mexican Grand Prix are 5/2.

After being held out on old tires for three laps, Hamilton lost 10 seconds to Bottas in Suzuka.

He believed that he would be better off switching to the most durable rubber.

The Englishman felt that he should have been instructed to manage his tyres and not to blitz them to try to catch Sebastian Vettel. He was clearly on a two-stop strategy.

Hamilton finished third, half a second behind Ferrari’s driver. He didn’t hide his disappointment.

Hamilton moaned, “Things could be done better.” Hamilton said that there were many instances this year when this was the case.

How to read the Mexican Grand Prix Odds

There are some key points to remember when looking at the odds of winning the Mexican Grand Prix. Although they can seem confusing at first glance, it is easy to learn how to read American odds.

First, you need to understand that the higher the value, the greater the chance that the bet will win. This is according to the betting market. Favorites have the lowest values and even reach the negative value.

But, wagers that are more likely to be successful are worth less money. Your potential return can be calculated based on the risk you take and the American odds format. This applies to Formula 1 racing, the Mexican Grand Prix and all other sporting events.

If the odds value of 100 is positive, that’s your payout. If it is negative, it indicates how much you must risk to receive a $100 payout.

Past Mexican Grand Prix Winners:

  • 2018 Verstappen, Vettel (Ferrari), Raikkonen(Ferrari).
  • 2017 Verstappen, Bottas (Mercedes), Raikkonen(Ferrari).
  • 2016 Hamilton (Mercedes), Rosberg(Mercedes), Ricciardo, Red Bull
  • 2015 Rosberg (Mercedes), Hamilton(Mercedes), Bottas, (Williams).
Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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