NASCAR Betting Odds & Picks 2021

NASCAR will be taking a break from regular racing as the All-Star Race takes place in Texas. Let’s look at the unusual circumstances of this race and how they affect betting strategy. We will also discuss the best betting picks such as top-fives, top-10s, and player props on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Favorite 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Championship betting odds

Kyle Larson +200

Larson’s performance levels have been impressive in recent weeks, with his odds dropping from +500 to +200. These numbers make Larson a strong favorite to win 2021 NASCAR Cup Series.

Larson currently sits second in the standings, having amassed four wins and 11 top-5 finishes. The bookies seem to have noticed if his odds of winning are any indication.

Larson, who is only 28 years old and has never won the Cup Series before in NASCAR, is quite inexperienced.

His performances this season have proven that he has the potential to win, so seeing his odds drop down to +200 seems like a smart move by the bookies.

Chase Elliot +650

Young Chase Elliott was the unexpected winner of the 2020 Cup Series championship and was also the year’s most talked about story.

Elliott, 25, is the son NASCAR legend Bill Elliott (aka Million Dollar Bill). Chase still has some work to do to match his father’s numbers, but he is on his way to winning the championship in just five full seasons.

He won five races and finished in the top 10 for his career.

He won the last two races of the season. Elliott has clearly found his feet as the sport’s most beloved fan favorite since Dale Earnhardt Jr. retired.

After his performances, Elliot’s current price is +650. This makes him the second favorite for the Cup Series title.

Elliot is still a favorite to retain his crown in this season’s Cup Series Standings with nine top-5 finishes and two wins.

Elliot’s chances of winning are now at +650 considering he’s currently fifth in the standings. The youngster is now in good shape to retain his title.

Kyle Busch +700

Busch is one of the best performers in the Cup Series race this year. It’s not surprising that his odds of winning the title are so low.

After his two wins, 10 top-5 finishes and two wins, he’s third favourite to win this term’s title. Larson and Hamlin are the only racers with more top five finishes.

He is currently third in the Cup Series rankings. However, he is still behind Hamlin, Larson and the former nearly 100 points ahead of him for the title race.

The Cup Series has been won twice by the 36-year-old in 2015 and 2019. This experience could be crucial for the final races of the season.

Denny Hamlin +750

Hamlin carries an unofficial title with both positive and negative connotations – best active driver to never have won a Cup Series championship.

It is hard to believe that he would not be able to get rid of this image in the coming season.

Hamlin has won 44 races. Three of these were in the sport’s most important event, the Daytona 500.

He has won thirteen times during the past two seasons, winning six times in 2019 as well as seven in 2020. In the past two seasons, he has driven his way to the Championship 4 final. He is the Daytona 500’s defending champion.

The Chesterfield native, Va., is now 40 years old and at the top. Joe Gibbs must feel the same as Hamlin, who was awarded a multi-year contract in February.

Despite Hamlin’s impressive performances this year, his odds of winning have increased from +650 to +750. His 11 top-5 finishes put him at the top of the Cup Series standings.

Although he has yet to win any races this term, given his consistency, which includes managing the joint-most top 5 finishes of any racers, it’s not surprising to see Hamlin’s odds so low.

Martin Truex Jr +850

Truex Jr currently sits seventh in the race for the Cup Series title this term, with Elliot and others surpassing him in recent weeks.

He is one of the favorite to win the Cup Series this season with three first-place finishes and seven top-5 finishes.

The 40-year old finished seventh last year. Given his performance so far this term, it’s easy to see him surpassing that and placing in the top five.

He’s had eight top-six finishes in his 13 last races, which is championship-winning form if ever we’ve seen it.

If you consider his recent consistency, Truex Jr winning the Cup Series at the end of the campaign is an unimaginable scenario.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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