Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Betting & Odds

Our F1 odds comparison is now open. This makes it easy to identify the top Formula 1 betting sites in Australia. This is a great way to get more money for your F1 wagers.

Fair bookmaker odds should be easy for F1 racing. The trick is to ensure that you are always getting the best F1 betting odds. It’s the odds that will determine how much you get in returns. For the best way to place a bet on F1, check out our F1 odds Comparison!

It’s important to compare F1 odds

Our odds comparison is a great way to find out how to place a bet on F1. There is no reason not to use our odds comparison. Our comparison will give you an instant overview of which betting options are best for F1 motor racing. While there are other options for odds comparison, ours is the best. Here are the reasons:

Accurate: This comparison will give an accurate picture about the F1 betting odds for Australia’s top bookmakers. This is the perfect way to find out which Australian bookies are leading in Formula betting odds.

Fast: Our odds comparison shows the most recent odds offered by the bookmakers. Every F1 odds update is done in real-time to ensure that you are betting on the most current odds.

Top Formula 1 betting odds for Australia Grand Prix & all other races

We will ensure that you have market-beating odds for each Grand Prix race of the season. You’ll be able to find the best odds to become the first driver to cross that chequered flag, from the legendary races at picturesque venues like Spa at Belgian Grand Prix in Belgium to the most thrilling street circuits such as the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Australian Grand Prix is the most common F1 season opener. Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne, has been host to some unforgettable races in the past and is easily one of most star-studded sporting events on the calendar.

The equally glamorous Monaco Grand Prix is not far behind. It’s difficult to overtake on this street circuit, but it attracts all the attention of bookies. We will ensure that you have the best possible odds.

We’ll help you find the best odds at the bookies, from the legendary Italian Grand Prix in Monza to the none-less spectacular British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Our comparison will help you find the best odds whether you are looking to place a bet on Grand Prix races across Brazil, Mexico and Russia as well as Hungary, France, Hungary, France, Austria, or Russia.

Find the best odds to bet on F1 Drivers’ Championship

Many betting enthusiasts will place an outright wager at the start of F1 season to predict who will win the Drivers’ Champion. This is a great way of adding intrigue throughout the season. We’ll help you find the best bookie to give you the best odds for winning the F1 Drivers’ Championship.

Recent events have seen Lewis Hamilton dominate the sport. However, the British driver’s remarkable success will only last so long. Many people will place bets on Max Verstappen living up to his potential to win the Championship.

It might seem safe to bet on the Driver’s Championship with legend drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and even Michael Schumacher dominating for many seasons. You never know what might happen if a Kimi Raikkonen or Nico Rosberg are involved.

We’ll be there to help you when anyone, from Valtteri bottas to Lando norris or Charles Leclerc, looks like they could put in a tough challenge. We’ll also show you the best Formula 1 betting odds in Australia if Daniel Ricciardo is your favorite bet.

Find the best odds to bet on F1 Constructors Championship

You can also place an outright wager on the Constructors’ Championship. This type of bet can give you better odds if placed well before the start of the season. We will always point you to the bookies that offer the best odds of winning the Constructors Championship.

This is crucial because there may not be much difference between the offerings of different bookmakers. The Mercedes team has dominated the Constructors’ Championship in recent years.

All good things have to come to an end. We’ll help you identify the best bookies for Red Bull when it’s your chance to shine again. If you want to really try your luck, then we will highlight the bookies that offer the best odds of winning Williams, McLaren and Aston Martin races.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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