Motor Racing Betting, Odds & Tips

Motor racing is a shelter term that covers all types of sports that include motor-powered vehicles competitions. Many people name those races motorsports, but actually, it is a larger category comprised of racing and non-racing events, including a demolition derby and drifting.

We’re positive that when you hear the word motor racing, formula racing is the first thing popping on your mind. However, many sports betting venues tend to offer a variety of motorsports, such as:

If you see yourself as a fan of adrenaline-boosting racing events, we’re sure you are interested in the popular motorsports in Canada and how online motor sport betting works.

Popular Motor Racing Sports In Canada

Motorsports is a super-engaging non-physical sport that takes part in almost all countries around the world, including Canada. Our guess is that you are already familiar with the fact that the Montreal Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated Canadian events. This famous race for the Formula One World Championship started in 1967, and there are Canadian drivers who take part in this competition every year. While a handful of ballsy drivers participate in this high octane event, countless punters are interested in placing bets – betting on the race winner in particular. Interesting, right?

Formula 1

We’re happy to inform you that the most attractive motorsport is Formula 1 racing, which makes this race the highest-status competition on Earth. Formula 1 features the bravest drivers, and Michael Schumacher, George Russell, Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and Valtteri Bottas are just a few of them.

Generally, betting fans pick the winner of individual races, but before that, it’s smart to track the driver, and how well he is prepared if you want a better shot at winning your ticket, that is. The F1 season has 21 sensational races, starting with the Australian Grand Prix. The last race is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which we find the most hair-raising moment of the whole competition. Both constructors and racers attempt to win driver’s championships by gaining as many points as they can. They get points by scoring a higher position at the end of the race or for each of the races.


The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is the most prominent name in the online race betting world, as it is a part of daily offers in various online gambling sites. First-class virtual sportsbooks have added a NASCAR betting component on their rich boards since the minute they appeared on the internet.

You can try free bets and place a wager on this sport to experience the most energizing moment that online gambling sites offer for new customers, or you can use other betting options. Gamblers predict the winner of the ultra-fantastic Sprint Cup Series, or more precisely, who will be the absolute winner of the race. Moreover, punters can bet on the driver that will score second place in individual races and prop bets including head-to-head races.


MotoGP is one of the best sports to bet on as it opens a door towards betting on talented drivers, including Mir, Miller, and Marquez. MotoGP Championship attracts all people’s attention and encourages punters to try their luck and test their knowledge in this field.

This sport also gathers people around the world in various ways, given how thrilling and exciting each race can get. For instance, when Marquez broke his arm, millions of people, even those who aren’t a part of the online wagering activities, got word about this unfortunate event. Punters worldwide like to share their opinions regarding certain drivers and races, who might become the next star and possibly win the next competition. All those moments make motor racing fans one big happy family, even though they have never met before.

We recommend you to stay with us for more information on the newest MotoGP live bets, betting tips, and odds on the ecstatic ride in the world of fantastic motorsports. You should also check out our list below and choose the best sportsbook that fits your budget and motor racing betting style that will help you make a solid bet on the next race!

Motorsports Betting Odds & Betting Markets

It is always a good idea to have several sportsbook betting accounts because you will create an opportunity for yourself to increase the value of your betting tickets. When you bet only at one bookie, you are at the mercy of the odds that the bookmaker offers. Yet, when we talk about motorsports, several betting operator accounts will bring you higher values as you have an option to switch between bookies and pick eye-catching odds for you. Some players also compile accumulator bets and bet at the live section.

Each of the virtual sportsbooks has a section for motorsports, where you can bet on different upcoming competitions and other sports events. You can discover a real mix of betting odds and other markets you can visit, and you can claim bonuses as soon as you register with that bookie.

Bonuses that bookies provide are generally worth your time, and you should grab them once given the opportunity, as you will receive a good deposit match that will help you bet with more money. Pay attention to the minimum odds, as operators typically apply limits to the promotions they offer.

Before you continue, take a sneak peek at our list of the best motorsport gambling websites in Canada. We guarantee that all the sportsbooks on our list are legal, safe, and secure. Each of these sites accepts prepaid cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers, as they are the most popular payment options in Canada. Additionally, they all offer superb bonuses and promotions for newbies and loyal punters.

  • 888 sport
  • Betway Sports
  • Bodog
  • Bet90
  • Betonline
  • Spreads
  • Bet365
  • Betus
  • Spinsport

Motor Sports Betting Tips

Lots of bookmakers group a few sports together on their site, so you will often see MotoGP, cars races, motorcycle racing, as well as NASCAR Xfinity series and Formula 1 races. The good part is that by thoroughly tracking how certain drivers perform, the latest technologies the companies behind them incorporate, you have a solid chance of making some real money rather than losing. Moreover, you can browse the internet and find some rock-solid betting tips or simply continue reading our article and give ours a shot.

Many online betting fans enjoy watching motorsports and love placing online bets on pole position winners, the first driver, the best driver, and even brands, including Alfa Romeo, Red Bull, Mercedes, etc. To make things easier, follow our tips and start placing some smart bets!

#1 Tip 1 – Formula 1

When we talk about online wagering, we must say that Formula 1 is the leading sport with the best drivers worldwide, including Lewis Hamilton – the winner of 7 championship titles. We recommend you to follow the campaign running for a few months before each event. Moreover, check each of the drivers that will take part and learn everything about them. Never forget the odds – always compare them and choose only the best ones! After all, odds are what bring value to your ticket!

#2 Tip 2 – NASCAR

Motor racing is very popular, and that’s why we will share a decent NASCAR betting tip that you can put to your advantage. Everything becomes dense and fast with races like the Daytona 500, where customers get a chance to place a wager and win on every stage. You need to be very careful about this competition and picking the prop bets and outright betting odds, considering how everything can change in an instant. The best way to aggregate your chances of winning a bet is to understand the car setup packages. Once you do, you’ll know who has the upper hand at winning at the NASCAR cup series and the entire Championship.

#3 Tip 3 – Writer Add Your Own Tip

MotoGP is just another popular sport, with worldwide recognizable events, including the Spanish Grand Prix. Punters can bet on Pole Position, Winning Team, Fastest Lap, Winning Constructor, and Winning Driver. We recommend you to wager before the race and avoid placing live wagers. Follow your intuition and never chase your losses.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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