Formula 1 China Grand Prix Betting & Odds

The Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix betting season is only a few days away. The world is now over Leclerc’s mechanical misadventure and Lewis’ lucky win. Bottas’ subpar performance earned him a podium, while Ferrari’s lack of pace won the hearts of many. We are now back in China for this 1000th Grand Prix. There are many emotions involved in going back to the racing memories lane. Every driver wants to make history this weekend. It will all depend on the weather, rain and cars’ performance, rather than the drivers’ desires.

So now that we have the race winner bet out the way, let’s discuss who will claim the pole position. We see Bottas as the fastest driver at practice 2 on Friday. To be fair, he merely piped Vettel to the win. You can see that the Silver Arrows had a lot of grip issues and some spinouts during the practice. In terms of qualifying speed, Mercedes and Ferrari were actually head-to-head.

F1 Chinese Grand Prix Winner Odds

  • Charles Leclerc+175
  • Sebastian Vettel+175
  • Lewis Hamilton+250
  • Valtteri Bottas+1000
  • Max Verstappen+2000

These odds were provided by Bovada. They are correct as of the time that they are written but are subject to change.

Some people are surprised that Ferrari is expected to win the China Cup.

Leclerc (+75), who won in Bahrain but was unable to take his maiden Grand Prix victory, is now a joint favourite with Vettel (+75).

At +250, Lewis Hamilton is the second favourite. Despite Hamilton winning the race five times, this is +250. Bottas, the Brit’s Mercedes teammate is +1000, despite Hamilton winning in Australia and placing second in Bahrain.

Chinese Grand Prix: Fastest Lap Betting Odds

To make the Chinese Grand Prix more interesting, I will wager on one Formula One prop bet. This will also allow me to leverage the power proposition bets have to offer to increase my bankroll. Props are a great option for those who have never tried them. However, be careful and only invest in events that offer a positive return on investment.

The new rule, which gives drivers an extra point for finishing in the top 10, and the extra speed requirement has created excitement and added motivation. Bottas is currently leading the championship thanks to that extra point.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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