Canadian Hockey League 2021-2022 (CHL) Betting & Odds

When the topic of Hockey is brought up, the first country you can think of is naturally Canada. It really isn’t a shocking revelation when you consider the number of titles they’ve already won – 51!

But, to internally compete at the Champions Hockey League in Canada is a whole different story from international tournaments.

The participants aren’t the only ones competing, though. CHL betting is a real thing for bettors seeking to experience a real thrill and possibly win some extra cash. There are three regular-season hockey leagues that constitute the Champions Hockey League – the WHL, OHL, and the QMJHL.

When the regular season concludes, only the finest of these leagues will compete at the Memorial Cup tournament. This season’s beginning is scheduled for the 1st of October. For more information on Champions Hockey League betting odds and tips, read the segments that follow.

Canadian Hockey League | CHL Betting Odds

The WHL, OHL, and QMJHL form the CHL, making their grand debut in 1975, which resulted in the creation of a giant – much like the NHL. Top players in the season make their way through and play with the big guns in the NHL.

As it is the most anticipated out of all the sports in Canada, a lot of sportsbooks offer odds for betting on hockey league matches. Unfortunately, most of the time, they omit games from the QMJHL, so you can rarely find a sportsbook to bet on a QMJHL game.

Now, let’s see some of the odds to bet on the Memorial Cup, OHL, and WHL.

Memorial Cup Betting & Odds

Every team’s main objective in the Champions Hockey League season is to lift the Memorial Cup and prove who’s the best one in North America apart from the NHL. Memorial Cup betting consists of three primary sports bets – the Standard bet, CHL Futures bets, and Proposition Bets. There’s a lot of bet options and odds to select from within these three types, and for more details, you should read through them.

Ontario Hockey League Betting & Odds

Three major ice hockey leagues are in the CHL, and OHL is one of them. You can bet on 20 teams that compete from Pennsylvania, Ontario, and Michigan – with OHL betting almost as popular as NHL betting. Different sportsbooks will offer you different betting odds, which means you should always choose carefully if you want to bring more value to your ticket.

Getting to know the teams and their performance will help you dearly at making a profit when you place a bet at a certain betting site. You may know this, but the ones that have the defensive advantage will probably be the victor. For odds to be in your favour, you’ve gotta do your due diligence.

Besides the top players in the team, to determine who will win, your best shot is to see what the goalie is capable of. Of course, you won’t always win your ticket, but paying attention to small details can definitely aggregate your chances.

Western Hockey League Betting & Odds

One of the most famous ways to make a wager in Canada’s western part, and of course, the United States, is through betting on WHL. Age and skill are the main differences between the CHL and the NHL, and most of the players that head out to the NHL to compete come from this particular league.

Like the NHL, the WHL is cut up into two conferences, each of them having two more divisions. The teams fight for a place at the playoffs, but the conferences are not the same. The Western Conference has two more teams than the Eastern Conference, and that gives them more chances to secure their spot in the postseason.

As with every other league in the CHL, the WHL has the standard futures and props betting. 22 teams reside within the WHL, and you can place your bet on any game. Just to give you a general idea of how big this league is – the WHL has won more Memorial Cups than the OHL and QMJHL. Since 1972, the WHL has won 19 titles, while the OHL and QMJHL have 17 and 12 titles, respectively.

The WHL is considered the most unpredictable one, and making a future bet is rather hard. A classic example would be the case of St. Louis Blues – last in the bracket, just before going on a winning streak to make it through the competition and attain the cup. Also, participants are playing their games as safely as possible to preserve themselves if they make it to the NHL.

Let’s check out some creative CHL bets now, shall we?

Types of CHL Bets

There are 3 bet types that the CHL will provide, and you can make decent profits from betting throughout a certain season. You’ll have to learn a thing or two about these types, so you don’t find yourself getting confused or mixing one bet with the other.

Standard Bets

As the name suggests, standard bets offer you to wager on the match-winner, and they’re more commonly known as money-line bets. Not only can you predict the match-winner or the team who wins the title, but you can also wager on the results of a shootout and wager on overtime for the OHL, WHL, and sometimes even the QMJHL.

Spread betting is the second standard bet option at hockey sports like the CHL or NHL. But, given the fact that there should be a goal difference to announce the winner, they’re changed with the so-called puck line betting. Time is of no essence here; only the goals are given prominence when placing bets at online betting sites.

The spread is 1.5 goals, which means that you’re wagering at a sports site on which team will be the winner with a minimum difference of two goals. Another sub-type is in the form of an over/under sports bet that ranges typically from 4.5 to 6.5 or 7.5. The over/under is for bettors who adore more action and are good at predicting how many goals will be scored in a given match.

CHL Futures Bets

Because the CHL is made out of the WHL, OHL, and QMJHL, it’s not as easy to wager on a future bet as in the NHL. A winning wager for a CHL future bet in sportsbooks will include victors from the previously mentioned divisions in a regular season.

In addition, bettors can wager their money on every team that made it in the playoffs, even the ones who have secured a position in the Memorial Cup.

The Memorial Cup is comparable to the Stanley Cup in terms of difficulty. Only certain players have won these two cups and have made it through the draft to enter and play the NHL. Predictions on a future bet in CHL games are really difficult, maybe just as much as the NHL playoffs. Bettors need to take a look at certain tips and tricks to maximize their winning chances.

CHL Prop Bets

An online betting site offers a proposition bet to make use of a certain fragment of a designated match or parts of the whole season. Usually, the sportsbook will provide a set of customary props, so one site can differ from the others, and they can change in the course of a week. In the end, bettors have to keep in mind to keep a close lookout at the offer that’s specified.

A common wager is when you place down a bet of which team will be the one to achieve the first goal. Moreover, you can wager on which player will score in a full-time game or try your luck at who will push forward and reach the playoffs. In other words, you can leave it to chance if you think that the Edmonton Oil Kings will be in the playoffs.

Canadian Hockey League Betting Tips

  • You’re more likely to win a stake when betting on veterans, but you get more value betting on underdogs.
  • Don’t get emotional with your favourite, meaning don’t bet on them based on emotional decisions.
  • Puck possessions and goal difference are major options if you want to profit when you’re on the lookout for teams with great offence and defence abilities.
  • Doing a little bit of research on the teams’ statistics and their contestants’ average capabilities is fundamental.
Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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