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Canadian Hockey League 2021-2022 (CHL) Betting & Odds

Ever since the Canadian Hockey League was established, with three different leagues coming together in 1975, the hype for hockey has gone through the roof. With the Western Hockey League, Ontario Hockey league, and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey league coming together, new fans of the sport have been popping up.

The merge gave online sportsbooks a new market where they can dish out their odds and bring in new customers. If you are a fan of any team that is part of the Canadian Hockey League, which you probably are since there isn’t a Canadian who doesn’t watch the CHL, you have to be buzzing before the start of every regular season, knowing that every online sportsbook in Canada will be dishing our amazing CHL betting odds.

If you are a diehard fan, you most likely will place your wager on your favourite team to storm through the regular season, get into the playoffs, and win the Memorial Cup. If you don’t place your first bet of the season, you have numerous opportunities during the season, however, be aware that the higher odds are always before the start.

Now, for bettors that have focused more on other sports, and haven’t paid much, or any attention to hockey, there are some things that you need to know about CHL betting and all the CHL betting sites. Follow this guide and you will be ready to place wagers on all the Hockey leagues, not just the Canadian Hockey League.

Canadian Hockey League (CHL) Betting

If you want to get into the action you better choose your online sportsbook before the regular season starts and start placing some Canadian Hockey League bets. Since there are three separate leagues that form the Canadian Hockey League, you will have tons of matches to bet on.

The main objective for every organization at the beginning of the Champions Hockey League season is to start strong and show their opponents that they mean business. You will always have favourites – teams that are known to play amazing. However, being one of the most versatile sports, hockey can be unpredictable sometimes, so you should always consider upsets.

Every experienced bettor will lock in their pick for who will win the Memorial Cup. While some bettors go for their favourite team, the franchise they support, some will do their research and bet on the team that has the most chances to win the whole thing.

Let’s say, for example, you are a fan of the Kamloops Blazers. The first thing you ought to do is browse around for online bookmakers that have the best odds. If you are satisfied with your pick, place your first qualifying bet, maybe even look for some free bets, and hopefully, watch your favourite get to the playoffs and win the Memorial Cup.

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on CHL Games

If you have been in the online gambling world for a while, you will know that there are thousands of sportsbooks, betting sites, and online casinos that offer CHL odds. Looking for the best betting sites can be hard, but crucial if you want to get some of the best odds.

Apart from great odds, you should also pay attention to other features and promotions that betting sites offer. The majority of betting sites and online casinos today will put out a welcome offer for every new member.

With a min deposit, players can get various bonuses like free bets, bet credits, free spins, a casino bonus, and many more lucrative perks. Just keep in mind that a customer offer, like free bets, expire – and you have to act quickly.

All in all, keep track of time limits, make your first deposit using your preferred payment method offered by betting sites or online casinos and place your bets.

CHL Betting Odds

It is common for betting sites to offer their new members and their existing members free bets for a Canadian Hockey League match. Once you have created an account and verified it, claim your bet credits, stake them on the game you prefer, and watch your pick bring home a W.

It is important to note that even if you are getting an exclusive promotion on your first bet, like a casino bonus or a free bet, you always need to gamble responsibly.

A lot of players do get sucked in and can’t claw their way back, so gamble responsibly, make sure to place bets you can afford and step away when necessary.

Memorial Cup Odds

When it comes to high-intensity Canadian Hockey, there is nothing better than the road to the Memorial Cup. Every year, four teams from the three Canadian Hockey Leagues: the Western Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, and the Ontario Hockey League, plus a hosting team, and go up against each other to determine a champion.

This is the time when stakes are high, odds are being thrown around, and one slip up can mean failure. If you are an experienced bettor, you will already have placed your bet months before the games commence, knowing that the odds are at their peak.

Right around May is when the round-robin tournament starts for the four teams. They all have to go against each other and battle it out on the ice. Odds are high before the start, and it is wise to do your research on the four teams before placing wagers.

Also, there are tons of bet types that you need to know, and coming up next we have showcased all the imported types of bets.

Types Of CHL Bets

Like other sports, ice hockey has various types of bets, which carry their own specific odds. If you are a newbie and want to get more into betting on various teams from different hockey leagues, you should check out all the types of bets that you can do.

Knowing more betting types can open dozens of new opportunities for you, keep in mind some may even have better odds. Here are some that we think are the most popular and the ones that will get you the greatest odds on selected games:

Standard Bets

The most common betting type that you will see at betting sites is the standard winner/loser bet. For most punters, CHL betting is predicting the winner of a match, the winner of the league, and the winner of the Memorial Cup. This is the most standard and easy bet that you can make, and it doesn’t matter how or by how much a team wins.

Every match will have a favourite and an underdog. By just looking at a standard bet or a moneyline bet, the way it’s called in other sports, you will be able to know which of the teams is the favourite and the underdog.

If one of the teams has a minus sign in their odds, they are considered the favourites. And if one of the teams has a plus sign, they are the underdogs. To make things even more clear, here is what you will see when checking out standard or moneyline bets:

  • Seattle Thunderbirds (-150) vs. Victoria Royals (+250).

By examining this moneyline, you can determine that the Thunderbirds are the favourites, and you will need to bet at least CA$150, to snatch a CA$100 profit. On the other hand, the Royals are the underdogs, and if you place a CA$100 bet you will have the chance to win CA$250.

CHL Futures Bets

CHL Futures bets are a type of bet that is made weeks if not months in advance. The majority of CHL bettors will place some money on who will be the winners of the Memorial Cup. This type of bet is easy to place, however, picking the right franchise is the tricky part.

An online sportsbook will determine the odds depending on the type of season teams had in previous years. If they were champions, they would have the best or lowest odds of winning, and if they had a bad season, they would get the worst or highest odds.

Canadians will notice that futures bets are given in a moneyline form, meaning that the odds will be based on a CA$100 bet. This is what a futures bet can look like:

  • London Knights (+800)

By looking at that bet, you will be able to receive CA$800 if you place a CA$100. An online sportsbook will give out odds for every franchise in all three leagues before the start of the season.

CHL Prop Bets

Most betting sites that you will browse through will also offer you some special prop bets. If you are feeling adventurous or simply bored of moneylines and futures, a prop bet will enhance your betting experience.

Instead of betting on who will be the winner of a match or winner of the Memorial Cup, new customers at betting sites can place a wager on the performance of the squad or an individual player. They can bet on how many goals or assists a player will have or how many saves a goalie will get. You can even stake on whether a goal will be scored in regulation time or overtime.

The possibilities with a prop bet are endless, and apart from having an amazing time watching the match, you can rack up some cash. A quick example of a propositional bet can be:

  • Logan Stankoven 0.5 (Over -120) (Under +100).

So, let’s say we’ve put money up for Over in the next game Logan Stankoven is playing. If he scores, we will be winners, however, if he doesn’t we will lose.

Full-Time Result – Line Betting

When it comes to full-time result betting, there can be two different types, an over/under stake or a totals bet. A similar thing about both types is that you get to predict the score at the end of the game. However, there is a key difference between the two.

Over/under betting is when betting sites give you a specific number to which you stake on. The online sportsbook will give out the number of goals that could be scored and all you have to do is predict whether it will be over or under. Here is an example of over/under betting:

  • North Bay Battalion vs. Hamilton Bulldogs – Over 5.5 (-110) Under 5.5(-110)

This could be the game that is played for the Memorial Cup championship, and if you place a stake on over 5.5, the two teams have to score at least 6 goals for you to collect winnings.

On the other hand, a totals bet is when you are picking the number of goals that both teams have to score. This is a bit more difficult, however, keep in mind that if you choose this type of stake, the odds will be better, and the payout will be higher.

Puck Line Betting

Puck line betting is maybe one of the more exciting stakes that you can place in hockey. If you are familiar with spread betting from other sports, then puck line betting will be simple to understand.

For those who aren’t familiar with either, the puck line is always set at -1.5 goals and +1.5 goals. The line is small because we all know you will rarely see a high-scoring game in hockey. If you are betting on the favourite, they must secure the victory by two goals, and if you are betting on the underdog, they must either be winners or lose by only one goal.

Puck Line betting was introduced to sports betting because it gives bettors more chances to cash out. Let’s say you want to gamble some money on an underdog, and you see that the odds are not in your favour. Now, with a puck line, those odds become more favourable to you. Here is an example of what we are trying to say:

London Knights – Moneyline -240, Puck line -1.5(-105)

Erie Otters –  Moneyline +200, Puck line +1.5(-115)

You can see that the Otters are the underdogs in the game, and the odds are not in the favor of their fans who want to place money on the game. However, the puck line gives them a chance to still put some money on their team and have a chance of winning.

Score First Betting

Score first betting is a form of a prop bet that gives bettors a chance to predict which of the two teams will net a goal first. If you know the best offensive players in the game this is another way you could bulk up your payout.

This is maybe one of the harder betting types because it requires knowledge of the game itself, and teams that are playing. If you are a new bettor, we recommend watching a lot of games before opting in for this type of betting.


What are the best CHL betting sites that offer free bets?

There are numerous free bets valid sportsbooks out there that offer these types of promotions to their members. To be able to find them you will have to do some browsing around the internet, and always make sure that all the betting sites you visit have a reputable license.

How can I bet on CHL?

All you have to do is register an account at an online sportsbook or an online casino that offers sports betting, verify your account, pick up some bonuses if offered, and place your qualifying bet.

What is the qualifying deposit for betting on CHL?

This all depends on the sportsbook that you are on. Most of the sportsbooks require their members to make a deposit of CA$10 before being able to check out some min odds and gamble their money. However, some sportsbooks offer free bets in the form of a no deposit bonus – meaning that you’re not required to deposit any money to receive a free bet.

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

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