March Madness Betting Strategy | NCAA Tournament Guide

It’s NCAA Tournament betting season! March Madness is upon us and every sports bettor wants to be a part of it. This time of year is chaotic and things happen quickly so it is crucial to have a plan before you enter March Madness. There are many strategies for betting on NCAA Tournament basketball that can make it profitable.

It’s the same game as the regular season

Although the stakes may be higher and bracket bets more unique, you can still make individual bets on each game and tournament just like you would on other sports or college basketball during the regular season. Many bettors forget this and think that everything has changed once the tournament begins.

These bets can be made on the same game as a regular college basketball game. Therefore, all the strategies and tips for betting on “normal” basketball games still apply. Click the link to access our basketball betting strategy guide. This guide contains all the information you need to analyze a basketball game and determine the winner. It isn’t specifically designed for college basketball or March Madness but it can be used to help you win your own game or tournament long bets.

Always, Always Double Check Your Bets

No matter if you’re betting online on March Madness, or in-person with your friends, one thing is certain: we are all human. We are all human and we make mistakes. It’s hard to believe you won an NCAAB game, but then find out that the sportsbook agent or you placed your bet incorrectly.

Check your ticket before you submit a ticket via an online sports betting app. Verify that the amount, line, and team are correct.

Expert Tips to Win March Madness Bets

When betting on March Madness, you have many options. Traditional sports betting is just as popular. These expert March Madness betting tips will help you make a profit on this year’s event.

The traditional college basketball betting strategy still holds

Yes, March Madness is bigger. It’s still college basketball, however. This one will be short. But remember that all the college basketball knowledge and strategies that worked during the season should not be discounted because it is NCAA tournament betting time.

Do not discount the smaller market games

Finding value is the key to making money on March Madness betting. Finding value in betting is the best way to do this. Opportunities will arise as bets change based on the bets of others. And the smaller/lower-profile games are going to have larger shifts based on the smaller overall amount of money bet there. It takes less money to shift a line.

This means that you might have the opportunity to make a significant profit. It’s great fun to wager on marquee games during primetime. If you are looking to make money by betting on March Madness, don’t discount the smaller-ticket opportunities.

Get ready for the first lines early

During the NCAA tournament, March Madness betting sites and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks work overtime. They are forced to release lines faster and with less notice. Will they make mistakes? Yes. These value spots are available to anyone who is quick.

Prop Bets Offer Unique Opportunities

There are many proposition bets that can be placed on college basketball games. This is a major difference between March Madness and regular-season college basketball betting. You will not only see traditional wager types; you will also find unique bets on teams, players, conferences and their outcomes.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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