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Since its first event back in 2009, Bellator MMA has grown immensely in popularity with MMA fans. This MMA promotion has promoted more than 200 events over its 13 years of existence. It’s the second-largest promotor behind the UFC. Even if it is not the biggest and most famous promotor, Bellator has its own loyal fan base.

Bettors can find various online betting sites where MMA betting odds, especially where Bellator odds are given. The stature and popularity of the fights might not be as big as the UFC, but the betting odds are quite similar to the UFC odds.

Players can find MMA odds for many upcoming events, including Bellator fights. Gambling sites, sportsbooks, and even a casino here and there that has sports betting will have all the MMA odds, UFC odds, and Bellator odds players will need.

Next, we will check out which betting sites can gamblers go-to when it comes to Bellator promotions, UFC betting, comparing American odds to Canadaian odds, and finding the perfect bet to make.

Top Bellator Betting sites in Canada

Before we even give you the best places to bet on Bellator fights, we would like to remind you to practice responsible gaming. Always do it for fun, and to enhance your experience when you are watching your favourite fighter at home.

#1 Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is one of, if not the best sportsbooks and casinos in Canada. MMA betting and Bellator odds are in abundance when fights are just right around the corner. Sometimes you may even find special bonus offers, free picks, and other bonuses before the match starts. Betting sites do this to promote a fight in a way so that more and more gamblers play. So sign up and be ready for the next fight date.

#2 Bodog

This is another betting website that goes nuts when there are upcoming events. UFC betting and MMA betting, in general, are widely popular on this page. Players will get outstanding betting odds on every fight that Bellator promotes, and they will have the chance to place their bets before and during the fights.

This bookmaker also gives various bonus offers before fights start. You will have the chance to claim them and use them to win some real money. When it’s time to bet, players can go on the site, see their betting odds, and start their MMA betting journey.

3# Betway Sports

Betway Sports is one of the most famous sportsbook sites in the world. Whichever sport you can think of, they will have odds for it. All players have to do is create an account, type in some personal information, and they are ready to start placing bets.

Every fight the Bellator promotes will be highlighted on the site. Players can choose their type of bet, whether it is moneyline, total rounds, method of victory, or any other that the site is providing. You can place your bet before or even during the fight.

Types of Bellator and MMA Betting

Now, when it comes to types of bets, the UFC and Bellator are borderline the same. There are multiple types of bets that players can place, however, we will like to showcase the most used and bets that have a little bit of risk involved.

1# Moneyline

Moneyline is the most used type of bet in MMA, regardless if we are talking UFC or Bellator.

This is the most straightforward bet that players can place. With this bet, gamblers have to choose who will win the fight, no even regarding the way he will win. For example, you can place your wager on the underdog or on your favourite fighter and watch as they battle it out for the win. Moneyline is a great way to get into MMA betting and gives players a chance to experience more fights.

2# Total Rounds

This type of bet involves more risk and it is for the more experienced gambler, who are somewhat fans of contact sports.

A usual Bellator MMA fight lasts for 3 rounds, each round being 5 minutes long, except for the championship fights, which can last 5 rounds, each round is 5 minutes long. The goal is to place a bet on whether the fight will go over or under a certain benchmark that has been placed. Most of the time the total will be set to 1.5 rounds or 2.5 rounds.

3# Method of Victory

This is probably the most interesting UFC bet that players can place their money on. If you are rooting for a fighter that is well known for his submission, then you will bet that he will win by submission. You can place bets on fighters that you think will win by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, or simply by decision in accordance with the judges.

Bellator Betting Tips

We know that most of you won’t be familiar with MMA betting, so we thought we could help. We will showcase some tips for your next bet, and maybe your next trip to the gambling site will result in a bigger payout.

1# Give the Underdog a Chance

We all have our favourite fighter, and, naturally, we always want to bet on him/her to win. However, even if the underdog is most likely to lose the fight, there are some exceptions.

It is quite risky but the odds and the payout can be pretty huge. Do your research for more information, see which fighter is improving, and do they have a slight chance of beating any of the legends of the sport. Age plays a big part so if your favourite fighter is well past his heyday, the underdog might have a big advantage.

2# Star Off With Placing a Small Bet

Sports betting can be hard, and you will need to watch whichever sport you are betting on quite a lot. Your first bet should always be for entertainment purposes – one that will sit you down and watch the fight you placed a wager on. Also, check for promotions and bonuses on your preferred sports betting website, where some type of cash bonus will be offered for fight night.

3# Only Visit Legit Sportsbooks and Betting Websites

We can’t stress this enough. There are thousands of new gambling sites that pop up more often than you think.

Many of them will be scams, so you need to keep your eyes wide open. Check for licenses, and whether the website falls under the jurisdiction and laws of certain countries. If you spot something shady, you should instantly switch sites, and sign up at a website that is legit.

4# Check Out Predictions

There are thousands of blogs, pages, and websites, where dedicated fans of the sport will make their predictions on an upcoming event.

Opinions may vary, and different people will hold a different stand when it comes to specific fighters, however, if you start researching and comparing, you are bound to find something worthy of information.

Biggest Bellator Events

Bellator 263, was held just this year on the 31 of July. This was one hell of an event. The Forum in Inglewood, California, USA was the venue where more than 11,000 fans attended. This fight was between Pitbull and McKee. McKee was the winner, taking the victory by submission in the first round.

Bellator Betting FAQ

If you didn’t manage to find some information regarding Bellator betting, we encourage you to check out the FAQ section. Here, you will get some extra information about the best types of bets, how to place a bet on your mobile device and how to withdraw winnings.

What are the best types of bets for Bellator MMA matches?

If you are a new gambler and you want to dive into the world of MMA, then the best way you can start is by playing moneylines.

They are the most straightforward wagers you can make because you are picking one outcome of the match- who will be the winner. You won’t even have to specify how the fighter won, just as long as he wins.

Where to find the best MMA betting odds?

Many operators in Canada offer MMA betting odds. Eager punters can place their bets on UFC matches, Bellator MMA, and so on. We’ve narrowed down some of the top operators that offer generous MMA betting odds, but the choice is all yours. We advise you to do your research, find a licensed and secure site that suits your needs, choose your bet type and have faith in your pick!

Can I place bets using my mobile device?

You may certainly can! As long you have an account for the website you are on, you will be able to wager. Almost every betting website today in the USA and Canada has been fully mobile-optimized and Android and iOS users can easily log in to their account and start placing bets.

Some websites have even developed their own mobile application that can be downloaded. So for example, Android users can go to the Play Store, type in the name of the app and download it.

How to withdraw winnings from betting websites?

This process is fairly simple.

Once you are certain that you have won, you should go to your account, find the cashier and click on withdraw. Next, you will have to type in some personal information, choose the banking option, and the amount you want to withdraw. After the processing time is over, which can take up to 3-5 business days, your winnings will be transferred to your balance.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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