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Portugal, the current European champions, won Euro 2016 and will enter the World Cup with great confidence. Their greatest player, Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly their best, and many fans will be relieved to see him in top form. With the talent number 7, the Portuguese are to be feared at the 2018 World Cup. The current Portugal betting odds of winning the cup at 20/1 make them the most attractive competition.

Portugal’s world cup betting odds of 20/1 are extremely favorable and could be considered the dark horse in the competition. They can defend well and rely on their star player to deliver the goods. It is important to note that if Portugal gets off to a strong start, things will change quickly and become less exciting. This is why it’s worth looking at this opportunity before it disappears from the competition.

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Although odds vary from bookie to bookie, the Betfair Exchange reports that Portugal is the seventh favorite for the Euro 2020 title. They are more likely to win than France, England and Belgium, Germany and Spain, but less than Italy or Croatia. This is a long time for the reigning champions.

The World Cup odds show a similar picture, with Brazil, Argentina and (surprisingly) Italy leading the pack. Keep in mind that odds are not predictions but a gambler’s attempt to analyze a market and determine the likelihood of something happening. So, if 20 attempts are made, a 5% chance of it happening should be enough. At the time of writing, Portugal’s World Cup odds are at 19/1 on Betfair Exchange and 33/1 on Ladbrokes. They should be considered second-tier outsiders at best.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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