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Although soccer betting is the largest market for sports gambling in the world, it has not attracted the same level of attention from North American players.

A growing number of sports bettors are interested in how to wager on soccer. This is especially true with major international events such as the World Cup and this year’s Euro 2020. There are also leagues like Major League Soccer and the English Premiership that draw more attention from Canadians and Americans.

We provide a basic guide for those who are new to soccer betting and explain how to place wagers on the pitch (that’s soccer) in no time.

Soccer betting lines explained

Understanding soccer basics and how it works is essential to understanding soccer betting lines. The game of soccer is usually a low-scoring one played for 90 minutes with two 45-minute halves.

The regulation time for soccer matches is usually limited. Referees may also add “stoppage” time throughout the match. Only knockout and elimination tournament games, such as the World Cup or Euros, allow for overtime and the possibility to kick off (shootout).

This is why most soccer betting lines are based on the 90-minute regulation result.


The moneyline is one of the easiest ways to place a bet on any sport. It simply asks for you to choose a winner and then assigns odds to each side based upon their implied likelihood of winning.

Because soccer is low-scoring, and it can end in a draw or tie after 90 minutes, the three-way moneyline method is the best way to bet on soccer odds.

How to read soccer odds

Because soccer is a low-scoring sport, matches can be intense and exciting. There are many options when it comes to soccer betting. Many sportsbooks offer odds on soccer betting for each game.

A solid understanding of soccer odds is an important part of betting on this sport. You need to understand the numbers if you want to be able to beat other soccer gamblers.

Where are the best places to find soccer odds today?

No matter if you are a soccer fanatic or not, Odd Shark’s top soccer betting sites provide all you need information about soccer. Odd Shark has pages on soccer for most of the top leagues in the world, as well as feature standings, betting trends and game logs. We also have team reports for these competitions.

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Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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