Parlay Calculator & Betting Tips [Guide]

Parlay betting combines multiple bets into one single wager, increasing the payout if you can correctly predict all outcomes. You are basically multiplying the winnings from each wager into the next bet, which results in a larger payout. One wrong prediction can ruin your ticket. This increases the risk of losing money, as opposed to betting on one game.

You can use the Parlay Calculator with the Bet Card

Did you know that the SpinSports bet card doubles as a parlay calculator? You can click all the games that you wish to add to your parlay and then fill in your stake. The bet slip takes care of the rest. Another advantage to playing online is the ability to play offline.

How to Use Parlay Calculators

Make a list of the wagers you are interested in and their odds of winning. You can view the odds displayed by sportsbooks in different formats.

Parlay calculators might only accept certain formats, such as British odds or British values. You can switch formats by clicking on a button on the page.

You might have to convert between American, British, and international standards if the calculator you choose only uses one format.

Once you have the game you wish to parlay and the bet amount, you can simply input the numbers into the calculator. Because your bet multiplies, there’s no need to worry about how the bets are placed. While some calculators limit the number you can place, others allow you to make longer parlays.

When calculating the possible winnings of your wager, you must calculate each individual bet within a parlay. A parlay that includes three events will require you to multiply the odds of each event before rolling the initial stake or the winnings into the next. A seven-bet parlay involves multiplying seven results and rolling each wager into the next.

We’ll take, for example, a 3-bet parlay that involves three teams with odds of +200 to +100 to -300. A $100 wager on +200 would yield a $200 payout. +100 pays $100 while -300 gives you a winning of $33.33.

These three bets can be combined into one wager by combining the winnings from the original stake and the winnings of the parlayed wager. The first wager wins $200 on a $100 wager on +200. The second wager takes $300 and wagers it at +100. This increases the payout to $500. The parlay’s third component involves a -300 wager for $100 and a $500 payout. This raises the total payout to $700 from your $100 initial bet.

These calculations are faster than the human brain, making parlay calculators an extremely useful tool for determining the parlay value. Sometimes scaling back a parlay by just one or two wagers does not affect the payout significantly, but it can increase the chance of winning the parlay. It helps to understand the context of parley outcomes before making a decision.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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