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No matter how much time you’ve spent on sports, there is no way to be certain about your selections. Sports betting isn’t an exact science. While betting on sports events is not a good income source, it’s always a good idea to make a profit from your bets. This is possible only if you reduce the chance of losing as much. Online sports betting has seen a lot of growth and offers many resources and tools for punters. You can make decent profits with the right tools. These resources can be found for free or for a fee. Here is a list of the best online sports betting tools.


You don’t have to be a beginner bettor just because you struggle with the math. There are many calculators available to assist with sports betting. The best one for you will depend on your needs. You can calculate the potential returns for certain selections with a bet calculator. A free calculator allows you to easily choose between decimal, American, or fractional odds. Parlay calculators show you how much you can win if you bet on multiple selections. There is also a calculator that can be used to calculate Asian handicap bets. Lay vs. back calculators allow users to decide whether they want to lay or back a selection on a betting exchange. Other tools for sports gambling include odds conversion, arbitrage and hedging calculators.

Comprehensive News Sources

Although it may seem obvious, some punters overlook the importance of keeping up with current sports news. It doesn’t matter if you gamble on boxing, tennis, or football, it is important to keep up with the latest news. If a player is injured last minute, it could have a significant impact on the team’s odds. Bettors need to ensure they are getting sports news from reliable, up-to-date sources.

Odds comparison sites

You need to find the most profitable odds in order to make the highest profits. Every bookmaker and every bet exchange claim to have the best prices. You can’t trust an operator to tell the truth. It is impossible to compare the odds of different bookmakers. You can easily find the information you need on odds comparison websites. Objective comparison websites display live odds from multiple online sportsbooks. It is easy to compare the prices of a selection and choose the most profitable operator.

Bet Analysis Tool

You should be able to recognize when your bets aren’t working for you if you are an avid gambler. You don’t have to make bets that don’t pay out, even if you aren’t trying to make money. It can be tedious to compare all of your different bets and see how they perform. These situations are where bet analysis software comes in handy. You can view the performance of specific bets over a period. When betting a certain amount, you can see your ROI (return-on-investment).

Tipping tools

Tips can help you make informed betting decisions. There are many sources of tips available to punters. Some tipping sources require payment while others are completely free. Experts who offer their professional opinions are called tippers. While tips are not the best way to make betting decisions, they can help you understand the situation and clarify some points. Before making a decision, ensure you have read at least three to four reviews from reputable tippers.

Betting Data Analytics Tool

Data is a key component of online sports betting. To develop their offers, bookmakers use all available data. The same applies to punters. The data analytics software does all the work and you just need to use the results. There are many features that a data analytics application can offer, and they vary from one platform. You can expect to find odds tracking, betting optimizers, line analysis and future trends.

You can completely change the way you bet on sports with these resources and tools. There are many tools available that can increase your chances of winning when you bet on sports. Many of the resources available are compatible with handheld devices. This is a problem as mobile betting becomes more popular. The only thing that a punter needs to do is determine their sports betting requirements and then find the best tools.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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