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No Wagering Bonuses From The Top Canadian Online Casinos

Have you ever wasted a lot of time attempting to figure out how to earn real money at any Canadian online gambling establishment? We bet you did!

Year after year, gamblers have been attempting to decipher if there is any secret for success – something that will completely change the game!

We’re here to convey the good news to every Canuck out there, so please – read on! Yes, there is a ‘secret,’ and it involves taking advantage of no wagering bonuses offered by the best Canadian online casinos.

We will assist you in learning all there is to know about these no-wagering promotions, including how to claim them and clear your bonus and free spins winnings from any wagering requirements.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

What Are No Wagering Bonuses?

Online casino deals are often useful, and they can help if you’re a beginner tasting the gambling waters for the first time.

Let’s say, for example, you only have CA$20. You deposit them and receive a 100% match and additional 50 free spins too. It’s casinos like these that attract the most customers, as not only do they double your deposit – they give you free spins as well!

Newcomers are attracted and captivated by the online no wagering casino Canada sites that provide one or more incentives, whether it’s a minimum deposit bonus for signing up or free spins no wagering, re-deposit, or a reward credit in conjunction with an ongoing or temporary promo. Or even better – you just register and receive no deposit bonus funds or free spins.

Impressive, eh? But get ready for a completely risk-free experience where it’s not over until you win! We will present you with the no wagering bonuses where everything you win – it’s yours! In order to entice new players, the best no-wagering casinos often provide tempting bonuses and free spins no-wagering. But their “no deposit” bonuses, however, will come with playthrough requirements and restraints that can make it almost improbable to withdraw any earnings.

In certain cases, the deposit bonus sum or free spin earnings must be wagered up to a dreadful 100 times before any profits may be withheld. So, there is surely no way to meet the wagering requirements and still have money in your account for a withdrawal if you employ these types of incentives.

However, sometimes there are no wagering requirements for the incentives. These no-wagering casino rewards are a far more preferred and secure way to play than traditional casino bonuses. Because wagering requirements for bonus play have been removed, players can concentrate on enjoying their favourite no-wagering casino games without worrying about their winnings being restricted or withheld.

Wager-free incentives are more difficult to find, and the amount of ‘free’ credit they provide is frequently less than that of wager casinos. But if you can’t cash out your winnings, what’s the purpose of getting a CA$500 bonus and staking it 75 times? As a result, players started looking for more equitably run establishments and incentives with fewer restrictions, such as those with no wagering requirements!

How Wagering Works

Before we get into the specifics of these no-wagering casino bonuses, it’s essential to understand what wagering is and how it works in the first place. Also, it’s vital to know which wagering casino games contribute the most toward meeting these playthrough requirements.

When a bonus is accepted and applied to a player’s account, wagering requirements go into effect immediately. A wager is a bet you need to place on a specific game of your choice before you can withdraw any winnings to your depository account.

Let’s take the same CA$20 you have for depositing. You deposit them and claim a 100% matching bonus, plus additional 30 free spins. This incentive comes with, let’s say, wagering requirements of 10x. This multiplier reflects how many times you have to play through the bonus before any of your earnings can be cashed out. In this case, you need to wager the bonus 10 times, and that is CA$200 before you can withdraw any winnings.

Additionally, you need to know which wagering casino games contribute more towards the wagering requirements and how you can satisfy them faster, leaving more winnings for a withdrawal. It’s best to check the terms and conditions of every game before you choose to play on it since some stakes don’t count in full, and you may only lose your bonus funds. You get bonus money instead of actual cash when you complete a task. When it comes to free spins, on the other hand, you’ll get extra money in addition to any payouts you receive.

As long as you’re working towards your betting obligations, all wins you earn will be kept in a pending account until you meet the rollover criteria. Your pending balance is non-transferable and non-cashable. With that money still available, you may use them to reduce your wagering requirement. If you play table games, they will make a contribution of roughly 25% towards your rollover obligations, and if you play slot games, they will provide you with a contribution of 100%.

After you meet these requirements completely, your pending funds that were collected in a separate wallet with the requirements attached to them will be transferred into your balance account and you can opt for a withdrawal with your preferred payment method. But if you don’t meet them during the given time frame, your winnings will be completely lost, and you won’t get the opportunity to switch them into real money winnings.

Why Do We Have Wagering Requirements?

Nearly all Canadian casino sites feature wagering requirements, but do you know why they exist and what sorts of wagering requirements you may choose from? There are methods that online no-wagering casinos employ to bring in new customers, but they run the risk of losing a significant amount of money if they just provide no-wagering rewards.

However, if they didn’t give any incentives, it would be far worse. As a result, they would be unable to bring in any new players. Competitors in the online gaming sector are compelled in some way to give incentives. We’d like to know: Would you prefer to play at online wagering casino Canada platforms that offer bonus incentives or one that doesn’t? Of course that you’d pick the one that offers bonus casino promotions. Because of this, there are freebies, but they are subject to wagering conditions.

To put it another way, wagering requirements bring the best of both worlds together in this instance. For wagering casinos Canada – more profit, and for players – more excitement and tension. Consider it like the adrenaline rush you get when you have to meet a deadline, like completing an essay with an hour to spare. The shortest answer is to keep you playing at the new casino Canada as long as possible and to avoid going bankrupt by providing incentives to players.

The licensing of new casino sites also plays a role. To preserve their license, new casinos must adhere to anti-money laundering regulations and abstain from indulging in any other environmentally hazardous actions. In order to prevent this from happening, wagering restrictions are included in the regulations of every casino.

What Does A No Wagering Requirement Mean?

Now that you are all familiarized with the wagering requirements as a term, how they work, and why do online casinos require these obligations – we can move on to the no wagering requirements and their bonuses.

Refused withdrawals and seized wins complaints have increased considerably in recent years, and the great majority of these complaints are due to wagering restrictions that were not adequately stated to the player first before incentives or wagering free spins were provided.

A series of lawsuits by players prompted the UK Gambling Commission to issue new rules requiring no wagering casinos to be more open about the important terms and conditions of bonuses and no wagering casino promotions, and this led to opening no wagering requirement online casinos. No wagering implies that there are no rollover restrictions associated with the bonus or free spins, thus any profits you accrue from using the bonus or free spins no wagering are yours to keep and will be credited to your withdrawable sum as soon as possible.

This simply means that after you claim the no wagering requirements bonus, you can start playing with it until you spend it. Once done, you can immediately head to the withdrawal section and opt for a payout since all winnings are yours to keep. There is no need to wager them at all!

Kinds of No Wagering Bonuses

Do you think you’ve learned everything about the best no-wager casinos and their bonuses? Not at all! You may know what a no wager bonus is and how the math works, but every wagering requirement is different in any game; consequently, the no wagering bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. We know that this no wagering bonuses 101 lesson is quite confusing, but by the end of it, you’ll be an expert for every no wagering casino Canada!

Even though some online casino bonus offers may be profitable if players take advantage of them, others have ridiculous wagering requirements, making it impossible to make any money at all. But also, there are no wagering requirements for certain casino bonuses. However, although every gambling establishment is wooing new customers with appealing bonuses, none of these establishments are letting their gamers withdraw their earnings.

There are many different sorts of no-wagering bonuses available at the best casino sites, and we will attempt to explain them all to you in the following section.

Welcome Bonus With No Wagering Requirements

Online casinos provide new players with a welcome bonus as an incentive to get them started in the casino. This offer might be a no-wagering casino promotion that has been devised specifically to lure new customers to join the casino’s loyalty program. In certain cases, a deposit may be demanded as part of the welcome package; however, this is not always the situation.

No Wagering Minimum Deposit Bonus

Are you looking for a striking enough 1st deposit bonus? Such bonuses can be claimed if you select a payment option and deposit funds into your freshly formed casino account to take advantage of this deal. This bonus has no wagering conditions associated with it and is usually given as a sum of money to play with. Many casinos provide no deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements, allowing you to retain any winnings you earn.

No Deposit Bonus

In order to let you try out a variety of wagering casino games before you commit any money, every no-wager casino can offer you a risk-free bonus. After completing the registration procedure, you’ll have instant access to a no-deposit bonus offer. When it comes to no deposit bonuses, some low-hazard casinos have you fulfill a lot of wagering requirements before you can cash out your prize money. However, there is also no deposit wager-free bonus with no need for wagering the winnings, but you can only withdraw your no deposit wins after making a deposit.

Low Wagering Deposit Bonus

Although it is not precisely zero, this offer is a straight-up deal when compared to the average Canadian bonus of 38x. Even with a wagering requirement of 20 times – this bonus is still a bargain. It allows players to have greater chances of winning more money. While 20x wagering requirements might sound impossible to beat, fire up any qualifying slot machine, and we guarantee that with a little stroke of luck, you’ll beat them in no time.

Wager-Free Spins No Deposit

Free spins no deposit with no wagering requirements are also referred to as “no wagering no deposit free spins” or “zero wagering free spins.” Wager-free spins are a common kind of no-wagering offer. They may be given as part of a no deposit bonus or as a deposit bonus. These wager-free spin bonuses are only given out by a casino on rare occasions as part of regular promotions. There is generally a winning limit, but there is no necessity to play the winnings through.

Having to deposit money to claim these offers is uncommon, as they’re typically a part of ongoing promotions like loyalty programs or freebies offered on a daily basis. You should be aware that free spins with no wagering requirements are generally only available after you’ve made a deposit.

Reload Bonuses

Bringing in new clients via referral incentives is one thing; receiving a welcome bonus is another, and claiming reload bonuses is the bomb! When players ‘reload’ their online real money gaming accounts – they are usually rewarded with an incentive. When players make additional deposits into their casino accounts, they are eligible for a reload bonus at the casino website. In simple terms, when you refill your account, you will get a recurring bonus. Reload bonuses are awarded to you on a regular basis for as long as you remain a member of the site!

Pros and Cons of Playing a No Wagering Bonus

Online casinos with low or no wagering restrictions may have certain advantages, but there may also be some disadvantages to these types of establishments too. Pros and drawbacks can assist you in making the best choices about which incentives to redeem.

Real money players should spend some time looking for a no-wagering casino where they can cash out their winnings right away. By signing up with the finest no-wagering casino sites, you’ll be able to choose and participate in promotions with zero or low wagering requirements and win and cash out immediately after.

If the promotion you’ve claimed at wager-free casinos has certain requirements – you will have to clear it by staking real money.

While many sites will provide you with a favourable no-wagering bonus – we’ll go over some of the downsides of utilizing such offers at every casino below:


  • There are no further deposits required in order to complete the wagering requirements, so you are free to retain any winnings generated using the bonus.
  • Make use of the free money to experiment with different online games.
  • As you complete tasks more quickly, you will be rewarded with more benefits.


  • Zero-wager bonuses and those with low wagering requirements may have varied monetary values.
  • It’s not always simple to obtain a casino that doesn’t take any bets.
  • Some bonuses can only be spent on slot machines, and the maximum cash-out amount will be lowered as a result of this restriction.

No Wagering Bonus Terms and Conditions

Considering casinos have been promoting the same sorts of incentives for years, it’s always exciting to learn what makes a new bonus type unique! Well, we already know what makes it unique – you don’t have to meet a lot of criteria to claim your free spin winnings.

However, keep in mind that these bonuses come with their own set of terms and conditions, which we will go over in detail below so that you are fully aware of what you are getting into before you begin playing at any online casino.

Playthrough or Rollover Requirements

Players like these bonuses because they can walk away with their money immediately and without any limitations attached, but you already know this. The absence of a wagering incentive implies that a player retains all wins without the need to satisfy the playthrough or rollover requirements and has complete freedom to withdraw real money.

There aren’t many no-wagering online casinos, but if you do find one, you should certainly take advantage of its bonuses and promotions. If a casino allows its players to play any games and doesn’t force them to fulfill any requirements -it means that customers are treated properly. The casino should also feature preferred games and provide suitable deposit and withdrawal options.

When a casino offers a bonus with no wagering requirements, it means that the casino has not included wagering requirements in its terms and conditions.

However, you may come across other requirements, including a necessary deposit or a minimum winnings limit. A necessary deposit means that the casino in question might ask you to deposit a certain amount before withdrawing any winnings with your wager-free bonus.

The min winnings limit means that certain casinos won’t allow you to withdraw any money if the winnings you made are under their limit. For example, a casino can give you 100 free spins saying that you must win at least CA$300. If you use your 100 free spins and win CA$290 – they won’t allow you to withdraw anything.

Bonus Availability and Expiry

The no wagering casino bonus, like any other bonus incentive, is only available for a short period of time. Its availability and expiry time frame will always be included in its terms and conditions. Before registering with your preferred casino, you should always check the availability of the bonus, as your country of residence might be excluded. As for the expiry, most zero-wager bonuses will last from 3 to 7 days.

This means that all bonus funds or free spins need to be used before the expiry date, and you must fulfill the play conditions if there are any. The expiration period can also last longer, up to 30 days, which is rare. Keep in mind that a portion of your casino bonus or a mix of bonus and winnings will be forfeited if you fail to fulfill the expiry date play requirements.

Game Restrictions

Unlike classic deposit bonuses and other incentives casinos provide, no-wager promotions are a tad more limited when it comes to playing casino games.

Players who’ve claimed a typical casino bonus with wagering requirements attached can enjoy a plethora of online casino games like table games, slots, video poker, and more. For the devotees of no wagering incentives, the choice of games is limited.

Because video poker is a game with the lowest casino edge, don’t expect this game to be available for your no-wager bonus. Online casinos would go bankrupt if they allowed players to use bonuses with zero wagering requirements on video poker!

Most of the time, you will only be eligible to play slots, with progressive jackpots excluded. Progressive jackpots are excluded because they often have six-figure jackpots, and it doesn’t make sense to win them without spending some money first.

Deposit Method Restrictions

Players sometimes have difficulty choosing a suitable deposit method among a myriad of deposit options. Several no-wager online casinos may be available to you, but they may not accept all of the deposit methods that you like. And those that do accept your deposit option may restrict you from withdrawing through it.

There are other scenarios where using a certain banking option will prohibit you from claiming a specific casino promotion. For example, certain casinos will offer promotions only to players who do not use Skrill or Neteller as their deposit methods. This means that you should always check if the method you’re using doesn’t restrict you from claiming the no-wager incentive.

Other restrictions include deposit limits. Different deposit methods will impose different limits. Therefore, if you want to deposit a bigger-that-usual sum of money, make sure the deposit option you choose allows you to.

FAQs on No Wagering Casino Bonus Offers

What does a 10x, 30x or 50x wagering requirement mean?

One of the most challenging components to grasp is arithmetic. You must wager a quantity that is a multiple of 10, 20, or 30 in order to meet the wagering requirements. The term “10x wagering requirement” refers to the fact that you must stake your bonus amount ten times until you can cash out any profits.
As an illustration, if you claim a CA$50 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, you’ll have to wager a total of CA$500 before you can withdraw your profits. As an example, the symbols x20 and x30 mean that the bonus amount must be multiplied by 20 or 30 to determine the total amount of money you must spend to withdraw your winnings. A 30x wagering requirement means you’ll have to bet CA$1500 before you can cash out any bonus wins. A wagering requirement of 50 times means you’ll have to wager CA$2500.

Can I keep my winnings from no wager-free spins?

Yes! These types of promotions don’t impose any wagering requirements, which is why they’re called no-wager free spins or bonus funds. If you win money after utilizing the bonus or deposit free spins, your earnings will be paid to your balance immediately. However, there may be other requirements, such as the one where you must deposit an ‘X’ amount of money before asking for a withdrawal.

How can I cash out my bonus winnings?

If we’re talking about the typical welcome offer at most casinos, you can withdraw it once you meet the wagering requirements. If we’re talking about zero-wager promotions, you can withdraw them as soon as you spend your bonus funds or free spins and acquire some winnings. However, make sure to always check the T&C and see if there are any requirements tied to your bonus.

Are no wagering bonuses better than low wagering casino bonuses?

Bonuses with no wagering restrictions are often smaller in value than those that possess wagering requirements. This is because, to put it bluntly, the casino stands to lose significantly more when wagering requirements are waived than when they are not. As a result, they reduce their size as a way of making up for it.
In certain cases, not having wagering limitations on an offer is preferable to one that does. To be honest, because most things remain constant while bonus amounts fluctuate, it all boils down to personal preference. The no-wagering casinos are for those who don’t desire a large incentive. The enormous bonuses, on the other hand, are for the high rollers.
But, if we had to take a pick, we would say the no wagering promotions are always a better choice. While smaller in value, they provide you with a real shot at withdrawing real money. Other bonuses do too, but your chances are slim.

What are the differences between a no-wagering bonus and a no deposit bonus?

Creating an account is all it takes for Canadian players to take advantage of a no deposit bonus and try their luck for real money, with the possibility of winning real cash in the process. For the most part, these free bonuses pose little danger to operators. They mainly consist of bonus cash or a free spins bonus. But – they arrive with a catch – you can only use them to play online slots 99% of the time.
To withdraw the bonus winnings you’ve made with your bonus spins at online casino sites, you will have to clear the wagering requirements imposed by the casino. Other than wagering requirements, these offers will mainly have limits as to how much you can withdraw using them, and the max amount will mostly be CA$100. And, of course, you will have to do it all in a given time frame of 3-7 days.

Are first deposit bonuses better than no deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonuses at online casinos are incentives given to new players who join up without the need to make a deposit. As a player, you’ll get more funds to add to your bankroll, usually from CA$5 to CA$50. On the other hand, a welcome bonus is a promotional incentive given to new customers at an online casino upon their registration and placing their 1st deposit. Sometimes they need to use a bonus code if required in order to be credited with a certain amount of bonus money.
How much you get back will be determined by how much you put in. No deposit bonuses, on the other hand, may only be utilized to play certain types of games, such as online slot games. A no deposit bonus may not be the greatest choice if you want to be able to play a wide range of games.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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