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High Roller Bonuses From The Top Canadian Online Casinos

Did you land on this page looking for the best high roller bonus opportunities in Canada? Besides regular welcome bonuses, many Canadian online casinos also offer pretty generous high roller bonuses. If you want to know where you can find the best incentives in town, please, read on!

Today, it’s high roller bonuses 101! That means we’re going to teach you everything high roller bonus-related to improve your knowledge and your high roller strategy! After all, no one became a high-stakes gambler overnight.

So, let’s jump right in, shall we?

What Are High Roller Bonuses?

It’s as clear as day: a high roller bonus is one given to high-stakes gamblers, a.k.a. players that make big-time deposits. And since the term bonus in itself is an umbrella term, a high roller bonus can fall under multiple categories: a welcome offer, a weekly/monthly promo, a VIP club special, and so on. It is important to note that some high roller offers may be no deposit bonuses, too, although those are like a needle in a haystack.

Just like any other online casino offer, high roller bonuses come with specific requirements. For starters, you must have an account with the casino to be able to claim a high-stakes welcome bonus. The whole point of welcome bonuses is to entice players to make that first deposit that may get them hooked forever! And if the said welcome bonus is a high roller one, it’s a win-win situation.

Then there is the standard wagering requirement applied to almost all casino games. Sure, high roller casinos still don’t ask for wagering requirements, but those are few and far between. Nowadays, most online casino games come with a wagering requirement, the value of which is determined by the casino itself. You can only claim your bonus money by fulfilling the wagering requirement first. There are low and high wagering requirements; always opt for one as low as possible to take full advantage of your deposit bonus.

In addition, some bonuses can only be claimed by VIP casino members. The gambling operators we’ve come across upgrade you to a VIP status upon registration, but some will make you climb your way up by making big, fat deposits! Frequent high rollers end up joining the loyalty club one way or another; that’s the price you have to pay to earn high roller bonus money.

Now, bear with us before this gets any more confusing for you because we’re about to break down everything we just mentioned, piece by piece.

We’ll look into a high roller casino bonus vs. a regular one, how to claim a welcome bonus online, and high roller bonus terms and conditions.

High roller bonus

The Difference Between A High Roller Casino Bonus And A Standard Bonus

The difference between a regular casino bonus and a high roller one is simple: a standard bonus won’t get you nearly the amount of advantages a high-stakes one will! Let’s say you’re a keen spinner of reels. If you were to deposit a small amount like C$10, you would probably receive 20-30 free spins. So, yes, a loonie probably won’t get you far. However, high roller players have the chance to earn up to 100 free spins and more by depositing bigger sums. The difference isn’t only evident. It is astounding.

And it isn’t just about the free spins. I mean, sure, they can make for a sweet deal. But think about real money bonuses, the kinds of promos that award you big money just for depositing. Also called deposit matches, these casino offers are a great way to up your casino game and some more. They are primarily granted to high rollers, as there’s no use in giving free money to someone who’s not going to invest big.

Who Is Considered A High Roller?

So, how does one claim the title of a ‘high roller player’? Well, one thing’s for sure, you’ve gotta earn it, work for it! The best high-stakes players love a challenge. They are not afraid to put it all on the line for a 50/50 chance of winning or losing.

To earn a high roller status, you have to make deposits higher than the C$5-20 average. That means you have to think long and hard before claiming a high roller casino bonus because they impose a level of commitment. Sadly, a deposit of a loonie won’t earn you the ‘best high roller’ title.

High rollers are used to making huge deposits, and we’re talking thousands of dollars a month! Unlike low rollers, high-stakes players or so-called VIP gamblers put it all on the table most of the time, which can be a risky business.

high roller bonus

How To Qualify For A High Roller Bonus

So, you’ve officially gotten acquainted with high roller bonuses, and now you want to know how to get one. Well, for starters, find yourself a trusted Canadian high roller casino. Not all Canadian casinos offer high roller bonuses, so make sure you look at their Promotions panel before registering with them.

Then, you can pick the one you like best and make your deposit. Remember: the bigger the sum, the bigger the reward! If you really want to reap a high roller bonus, you must make a generous deposit to the online casino.

To sum up, to become qualified for the best high roller casino bonus, one must find a good online casino with high roller bonuses and make a couple of large deposits to claim said offers.

How Do High Roller Bonuses Work in Online Casinos?

When gambling at land-based casinos, everything’s pretty straightforward. You walk in, make a deposit, and play through your bets at any casino game. It’s different with online casinos, though. While you can easily access the said games from your desktop or mobile, other things need to be considered before depositing. If you’ve never wagered at a virtual casino, there’s a standard process you have to undergo to claim a high roller bonus.

You must sign up at an online casino to bet real money on its games. If you don’t create an account, the operator won’t let you claim any of the bonus offers, including the high roller ones. So, complete the registration form, choose a game, pick a high roller bonus, and wager away!

There is also a minimum deposit amount on the best high roller offers at a high roller casino. To pave the path to fantastic rewards, one must fulfill the minimum deposit requirement, play through the bonus, and finally, claim the prize.

You also have to watch the maximum winnings here. While land-based casinos let you cash out huge sums, an online casino will never allow you to go that crazy. They impose a limit on how much one can cash out from a bonus, so be mindful of that. Some limits are great, others not so much.

How to Evaluate the Best High Roller Bonuses

Before you run off tempted by the idea of a high roller bonus, stop and think for a second: what makes a high roller bonus great? Like any other casino bonus, these types of bonuses can also be worthwhile or simply a waste of time. To best determine where you stand, let’s take a look at a couple of basic bonus requirements that, if fulfilled, can spice up your online gambling session.

Our list includes playthrough requirements, quantity, and variety of offers, their winning potential, and the overall odds of claiming the said bonus. Each of these standards has one primary purpose: they put a spin on your gambling shenanigans.

Playthrough requirements, for example, can make or break your gameplay based on how hefty they are. The overall quality of a high roller offer also plays a huge role in determining the winning potential of a bonus. Finally, you can always predict the odds of claiming a bonus based on everything we just mentioned.

So, let’s hop right in and take a look at the few things that can significantly increase or decrease the worth of a high roller bonus.

Look at how generous the wagering requirements are.

If you want to score big, you surely won’t do so by risking it all. Except for the qualifying first deposit, there’s no reason for you to go all out claiming a casino bonus. If the wagering requirement is big, the deposit isn’t worth it.

Why? Because chances are, you’ll end up losing everything by the end. Isn’t that the primary reason why there are hefty playthrough requirements, after all? If we look at the bigger picture, the only reason wagering requirements exist is to profit the casino. So, the bigger the requirements, the smaller your winning chances are. In this case, do settle for less. Don’t worry. There are plenty of high roller casino offers at hand for Canadian online casino players.

Look at the quantity and variety of bonuses.

Deposit bonuses come in many shapes and sizes. As such, not every bonus fits every player. Examine what most gets you going and invest towards those bonuses. You can choose from various options: deposit bonus codes for welcome offers, deposit matches, reload bonuses, and many other promos. Some offer free spin winnings on their slot games, and others boast high roller live casino games with great incentives. The high roller offers for table games are pretty popular, too.

It’s true; your online gaming experience can be all the more fun with high roller bonus offers claimed through VIP programs, too. Loyalty clubs at casinos offer special high roller bonuses only available to a selected pool of players. They can come in the form of cashback, high roller casino bonus money, and more.

In addition, there are also bonuses on Canadian sportsbooks. That includes signup bonuses, deposit matches, cash prizes, free bets, and reload bonuses. No deposits are popular too, but they defy the purpose of a high roller.

Look at how rewarding the bonuses are.

Between all the aforementioned options, one thing remains the same for sure: each bonus has a different value. So, it would be best if you made a mental note every time you want to make a max bonus bet. Think about the quality of the bonus, how much it could potentially make you, and whether the gifts given to you in exchange for your high roller deposit are worth it.

Steer clear from a high roller casino with a low-paying high roller casino bonus. If you want a great gaming experience, opt for a bonus offer that will actually pay out well once you play through the bonus amount. The best casinos will never take money from you without offering you something valuable in return, especially if we’re talking about head-spinning sums!

Look at how favorable the odds are to high rollers.

Before you bet the ranch, make sure you’re not making a deal with the devil. That means: don’t let a casino operator deceive you into betting big on low-paying bonuses. Steer clear from betting on online casino games with high, a.k.a. impossible wagering requirements. Your odds of beating a 50x playthrough requirement are pretty low. On the other hand, a 20x wagering requirement sounds like a dream and has better chances of scoring you big!

There are also games with no wagering requirements. However, you’re most likely not going to find those at reputable pokie operators.

And as we all know, low roller bonuses boast lower playthrough requirements, which is why they’re so easily attainable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find such offers for high rollers, too. A lot of Canadian casinos have great incentives for high-stakes players looking to deposit little for huge prizes.

Rules in Claiming and Playing High Roller Casino Bonuses

There are so-called Terms and Conditions, just in a high roller bonus version, as with every other casino bonus. That means there are some rules you’ve got to follow when going big. That includes wagering requirements, bonus expiration date and time limit to claim it, bonus game restrictions, and set maximum winnings.

We’re going to teach you how to pick a game with a reasonable wagering requirement and take advantage of limited bonuses while they last. In addition, you’ll learn all about how game restrictions work and why maximum winnings are limited.

One must follow the rules of the game to win it. So, without further ado, we will now discuss each rule in detail, how to take the most advantage of it, and more!

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements must be met before claiming any type of casino bonus. So, when you find one that is, make your deposit, play through the bonus amount, and reap the rewards! The good thing is that you can always decide whether a wagering requirement is worth your time.

There are also games without playthrough requirements. However, they are extremely rare to come across. And, usually, these games don’t offer great incentives for high rollers, as that doesn’t benefit the casino. Furthermore, casinos without wagering requirements may be involved in a shady business because no operator with common sense will let the player win it all without taking a dime!

Expiry and Time Limit

No high roller bonus is forever. With some bonuses, it is now or never: they won’t be around for long. That’s usually the case with exclusive bonuses offered by high roller casinos. They can be available from anything between 24 hours up to a week, even a month sometimes. Limited-time offers should be claimed as soon as possible, as not to run the risk of missing your chance.

Of course, those casinos have ongoing offers for months, which can be pretty great if you’re trying to settle at a specific operator.

VIP players get VIP points they can redeem for a special bonus for high rollers. These offers also have an expiration date, and regular players have limited access to them. Usually, these offers are only available for specific loyalty program levels. And once you jump from one level to another, the offer is no longer available for you. That’s why you should always take advantage of it on time!

Game Type Restrictions

High roller casinos handpick the games they’ll offer the huge bonuses on. Some stick to slot games, others also include live casino games, and so on. That depends solely on the operator. A lot of virtual casinos don’t offer bonuses on all their games, which is understandable. To avoid getting yourself caught in a trap, we recommend you always read the Terms and Conditions separately for each bonus. That will help you narrow down your choices and avoid depositing on a bonus only available on games you don’t want to play!

Maximum Winnings

Just as there is a max bet you can place, there are also the maximum winnings an online casino can set on their games. They do this as not to go broke, of course, and we must comply! If you go over the given limit, that amount will sadly not be cashed out to you. But anything up to the limit is acceptable. So, if you’re really serious about claiming a high roller casino bonus, make sure it’s one with a solid maximum winnings status.

A maximum limit is pretty much inevitable, so keep that in mind when looking for the next best offer for high rollers. As the best high roller players deposit thousands of dollars every month, they naturally look for generous limits on maximum winnings. Luckily, there are still many Canadian casino operators that offer above-average maximum winnings on their games.

FAQs on High Roller Casino Bonuses

How frequently can I participate in promotions or receive bonuses?

Players can receive bonuses all around. Of course, not every Canadian online casino has ongoing incentives, but the most popular ones do. If you find you’ve run out of options at your favorite operator, you can always switch to another.

Are high roller bonuses worth taking for regular players?

Sure! In fact, they can further spice up your gambling sessions. Be aware, though, that a high roller casino bonus will either give you a foot in the door or set you far back. Just be wise with your money, and you’re good.

Do I need to join a VIP Club or Loyalty Programme to enjoy a high roller bonus?

Not every high roller casino bonus has to be claimed through a loyalty program. Traditional casinos also offer these bonuses for first-time players as a welcome bonus deal. Others reward them to players in the form of daily, weekly, or monthly incentives.

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

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