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NHL Playoff Betting | Odds 2021

After last season’s barn-burner with the Tampa Bay Lightning beating the Montreal Canadiens four to one, it seems like this year’s NHL playoff games will be just as thrilling.

Tampa Bay Lightning won their second consecutive and third overall Stanley Cup last year, and the 2022 Stanley Cup playoff series have fans going crazy with excitement.

If you don’t know who to put your money on, we’ll let you in on everything you need to know about this NHL season’s latest odds and where to bet on your favorite NHL team.

But before that, let’s dive into some NHL betting tips.

  • Consider the home advantage. Is your favorite NHL team playing on home ground? Then, chances are they have the upper hand in the game. Playing steady is much easier when you’re at home because you are surrounded by your fans. Simultaneously, said fans boo the opposing team! What more would a team want for a confidence boost?
  • Pay attention to odds shifting. With each passing game, the odds at online sports betting sites will shift. Said sites regularly update the top dogs and the underdogs. If you want to score big, we suggest keeping track of Stanley Cup odds changing.
  • Don’t overplay your hand. Never be too cocky about your betting skills. Betting odds are just odds, after all, and they are ever-changing. One wrong move could cost you a fortune. Instead of starting strong, keep it simple. Bet on money lines, not specials. Unless you are an NHL player (and if you are, you are not allowed to bet on NHL) or a crazy fan that’s done extensive research on the topic, you don’t exactly know the odds.
  • Watch the games. Seriously, we cannot stress this enough. Don’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening on the ice rink. Pay close attention to high-scoring players and less-than-impressive ones. Which team scored first? What did one of the teams do that charmed the pants off of everyone? Ask yourself this.
  • It pays off to take a risk sometimes. Betting on a top dog is a surefire way to win. But if you are betting to earn serious revenue, you won’t make that by singling out the top dogs. Favorites always have lower payouts. If you see potential in an underdog, give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Head over heart. Yes, we all have our favorites. Still, don’t risk your hard-earned dollar on a losing team. If your idol hasn’t been the sharpest this season, let it go. Focus on the real champion instead.
  • Avoid parlays. Parlays were designed to rip off bettors. Sportsbooks will make you fall right into their trap by enticing you with these bets’ high payout rates. However, rarely do players win parlays. If they did, parlays wouldn’t exist, would they?

Did you find that helpful? Keep reading for an in-depth forecast of this season’s playoff odds.

NHL Odds For The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Last year’s champion, Tampa Bay Lightning, has some stiff competition again. In fact, they opened the Regular Season battling against the Pittsburgh Penguins, which has pretty good standings this year. This opening game had fans of both teams at the edge of their seats!

However, Lightning fans were able to unwind during the team’s second game of the season. They battled against the Detroit Red Wings, which we know didn’t make the playoffs last season, so they weren’t any threat to the former Stanley Cup champion.

Looking at last year’s stats, Colorado Avalanche is the leading team of the Western Division. They scored a whopping 82 points during the playoffs and won a Presidents’ Trophy for earning the most points during the NHL regular season. As such, Lightning may not stand a chance against them this time.

The Carolina Hurricanes finished as Central Division winners with 80 points, just 2 points shy from tying with the Avalanche. These teams are current NHL favorites and are primarily placed as top dogs.

On the other hand, betting on Arizona Coyotes, Buffalo Sabres, or Detroit Red Wings would not be a smart idea.

It’s always a good idea to inform yourself of the previous season’s semi-finals. That can help you gain perspective of the top four higher-ranked team contestants and place a bet.

Last year’s semi-finals consisted of two games: one between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Montreal Canadiens, and one between Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Islanders.

2021 NHL Stanley Cup Semi-Finals Overview

Let’s start with the first one. The Canadiens battled against the Knights and defeated them in six games. Although the Knights made the first move in game one, they still ended up being the underdog. Overall, the Canadiens won 4-2. Should you bet on either of these teams? Yes, both are good teams with even better chances of getting farther than the semi-finals this year.

The Finals’ victor rose in the second game. As the Lightning and the Islanders battled, it was clear who would come out as a winner, and who as a sore loser. The Lightning beat the Islanders in seven games. The official result read 4-3 for Lightning. Should you bet on either of these two teams? Definitely.

Now, let’s remind ourselves of 2021’s Stanley Cup Finals. The two competing teams were Tampa Bay Lightning and Montreal Canadiens. Right off the bat, we have presented you with two solid betting options for this season’s playoffs.

These two teams had met four times in the finals already. Lightning had won two of the three previous series. The 2021 series ended as 4-1 for the Lightning. As such, the 2021 champion was clear, and Tampa Bay Lightning took the crown as the Stanley Cup winners.

It’s always preferable to be up to date with the latest NHL odds. Pay attention to top dogs and underdogs switching roles after every NHL game. Just because a team scored the highest in their division last year, doesn’t mean that will happen again this year.

2021 NHL Playoffs Teams

To make an accurate bet on the future Stanley Cup champion, we first must analyze every team’s success in the previous season. The following list of teams shows each division’s teams along with their overall number of points scored. Looking at the list puts things into perspective about which teams have prospects of winning, and which teams have prospects of most likely sitting out the playoffs (oops).

The teams took part in a best-of-seven series in each round, using a 2–2–1–1–1 format. The team with home advantage hosted games one and two (as well as games five and seven if required), while the opposing team hosted games three and four (and game six, if required). Each division’s top four teams made the playoffs.

The fourth-seeded team in each division faced off against their division’s winner in the first round. The other games pitted the division’s second and third-place teams against each other. The team with the higher regular-season record was given home advantage in each round.

Northern Division

  • Toronto Maple Leafs – champions with 77 points
  • Edmonton Oilers – 72 points
  • Winnipeg Jets – 63 points
  • Montreal Canadiens – 59 points

In the first round, the Toronto Maple Leafs finished first by earning 77 points. In fourth place came the Montreal Canadiens with 59 points. The Toronto Maple Leafs managed to win seven of ten games In this year’s season.

The Edmonton Oilers came in second place with 72 points, and in third place came the Winnipeg Jets with 63 points. Would you be surprised if we told you the Edmonton Oilers won seven of nine games this season?

Central Division

  • Carolina Hurricanes – champions with 80 points
  • Florida Panthers – 79 points
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 75 points
  • Nashville Predators – 64 points

With a whopping 80 points, the Carolina Hurricanes snagged first place in the Central Division. Unfortunately, someone had to take fourth place, and this year that team was the Nashville Predators with only 64 points. The Carolina Hurricanes won six of the eight games in the season!

With a favorable 79 points, the Florida Panthers came in second in the Central Division. And, Tampa Bay Lightning came in third with 75 points. In fact, they won five of eight games in the season!

Western Division

  • Colorado Avalanche – champions with 82 points
  • Vegas Golden Knights – 82 points
  • Minnesota Wild – 75 points
  • St. Louis Blues – 63 points

As the owner of the Presidents’ Trophy and NHL’s best regular-season team of 2021, the Colorado Avalanche is one of this season’s favorites. They scored 82 points for the Western Division. St. Louis Blues were last in the Western Division, only earning 63 points. The Colorado Avalanche won eight of five games!

The Vegas Golden Knights aren’t the most promising top dog, but they still came in second with 82 points. The Minnesota Wild wasn’t so bad either. They scored 75 points and finished in third place in the Western Division. It’s honestly no surprise that Minnesota won five of the eight games during the season. They’ve shown to be a pretty stellar presence.

Eastern Division

  • Pittsburgh Penguins  – champions with 77 points
  • Washington Capitals – 77 points
  • Boston Bruins – 73 points
  • New York Islanders – 71 points

In 2021, the Pittsburgh Penguins came in first in the Eastern Division with 77 points. The New York Islanders scored 71 points and came in fourth. The Pittsburgh Penguins won six of eight games during the season. Both are rather strong teams.

Finally, the Washington Capitals placed themselves right after the Pittsburgh Penguins. They scored 77 points as well. The Boston Bruins earned 73 points and finished third in the Eastern Division. The two teams split the eight-game season series.

NHL Playoffs Betting Odds

Are you a betting newbie? We must admit, when we first took a glance at a betting table, we were just as flabbergasted by the amount of information. We were really scratching our heads over the different types of betting odds, as there are too many to count.

If this description fits you too, the following summary of hockey betting odds types will help you understand how bets work.

  • Money line. We’re starting with the easiest way to bet: the money line. To put it simply, the bookmaker ‘draws a line’ between two competitors. In every game, one of the competitors is the top dog (potential champion), and the other one is the underdog (potential loser). Top dogs and underdogs are divided by their previous overall franchise success. Anyway, the bookmaker then places a bet on each side of the line. Let’s take an example from one of Bovada’s NHL money lines. According to this online betting site, on the 14th of October, the Toronto Maple Leafs will most likely lose to the Montreal Canadiens. Why? Because the Maple Leafs are placed as +145, and the Canadiens are placed as -165. Remember: the top dog is always marked with a minus, and the underdog is always marked with a plus. If you were to bet $100 on the Maple Leafs and they won, you would receive $145 in profit plus your initial bet, totaling $245 in winnings. However, if you were to bet the same amount on the Canadiens and they won, you would receive $60.61 in profit plus your initial deposit totaling $160.61 in winnings. Note: it’s more profitable to bet on underdogs but betting on top dogs increases your chances of winning.
  • Over/under or totals. The second type of betting works like this: the bookmaker sets a specific number of points. The bettors then wager on that number, guessing the odds of the in-game points going over or under that number. And, since ties aren’t allowed in hockey, the number can be set to 5.5, for example. That way, the number can only go under or above 5.5. Now, this type of bet is not related to the final result of the game. Who wins or loses is irrelevant. The only relevant thing is the total number of points scored.  
  • Point Spread/Handicap wagers. To better explain this wager type, we’ll go step by step. The first thing you need to know is that the bookmaker picks a favorite of the two teams. The bookmaker then predicts by how many points that team will win. You can then decide if you think the team would score under or over that number. Let’s look at an example. Say that the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Pittsburgh Penguins are competing against each other. The bookmaker creates a  point spread of five points in favor of the Lightning. If you think the Lightning will win by five points or more, then you bet on them. And if you think the Lightning has a fair chance of losing or you believe the Penguins can lose by less than four points, then you bet on the Penguins.
  • Outrights/Futures. This type of bet is called a ‘future bet’ because its outcome will be revealed sometime in the future. That means that even though the NHL season hasn’t even started yet, you could bet on its final result now. This type of bet is tricky because you have no idea how the regular season will end and are betting far into the future. However, if you think you stand a chance, go right ahead.
  • Parlays. If you decide to place a parlay bet, you would be placing more than one bet simultaneously. Some online sportsbooks will let you unify the separate wagers into one, increasing your payout. There are risks involved with parlays. Sportsbooks would be crazy to let you win more than one game at once. You may not realize it, but parlays don’t boast high odds for this reason.
  • Props. This type of bet can be about something as trivial as which player will be the first to score. Prop bets are mostly for fun, as they offer a lot more in terms of entertainment. They put a twist on traditional betting.

How To Bet On The NHL Playoffs

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the US and Canada. Fans go wild when they see their favorite team score big on the hockey ice rink. If you’re a new addition to the betting community, it’s time to break the ice and make your first bet. With the Regular Season both brick-and-mortar and online sportsbooks have announced their 2021/2022 NHL season predictions. Starting now is the right time to not only explore said predictions but also learn how to bet on them.

  • Envision your favorite online sportsbook, go to their website, and create an account. Put in your personal information and ways to contact you.
  • After you’ve done that, officially log into your account and go over to the live betting section.
  • Locate the game you want to bet on and analyze the top dog and the underdog, which team has the odds in their favor, and so on.
  • Finally, make your bet by depositing at the online sportsbook and enjoy the game!

The Best Welcome Bonus For NHL Playoffs Betting Lines

Winning is the best thing about betting (big news, ha?). However, there’s one other thing that can top that feeling, and that’s the feeling of finding a bountiful welcome bonus! If you are too much of a couch potato right now, don’t worry. We did the digging for you! Let’s get started.

Sorry Canadians, but the following US-based sportsbook has the best deal on the market. We’re talking about BetUS! This online betting site not only offers the latest NHL odds but also abounds with free bets. The site has regular and crypto bonus offers. Let’s take a look.

Regular welcome bonus offers:

  • The first one is made up of 125% match: a 100% sports betting match and a 25% casino match. Only up to $3,125 for the whole bonus, and up to $2,500 on sports betting! The minimum deposit is $100, and rollovers are required at 10x. All you have to do to claim this bonus is to use the promo code.
  • The second one is a 10% cash bonus that can be claimed up to a $2,500 deposit, with the minimum being $100. Besides being a welcome deposit, full-time players can freely claim it, too. You have to roll it over three times. As a plus, the 10% cash is combined with a 20% casino bonus. Casino players will love this one. Again, use the promo code to claim it.

Crypto welcome bonus offers:

  • Are you a Bitcoin investor? In that case, you’re going to love the following welcome bonuses! The first sign-up bonus comprises a 200% match. The minimum deposit is $100, and the maximum is $2,500. 150% of it goes to sports betting, and the rest is all casino. Roll it over 15 times and it’s all yours! Just make sure you enter the designated promo code. Good luck!
  • The second crypto bonus offer is just as excellent. It is made up of a 20% cash bonus of up to $500. There’s a catch, however. If you want to become eligible for this bonus, you must make a real cash deposit first. The maximum deposit amount on the bonus is $2,500, and you must roll it over twenty times.
  • Last but not least, we have come to the final offer! Now, this bonus is a 100% crypto match up to $2,500 on sports betting, with a minimum deposit of $100. Deposit, enter the promo code, roll over the bonus ten times, and it’s yours!

The Sportsbook Which Has The Highest NHL Playoff Odds

We are about to shatter your dreams: there’s no sportsbook with the highest NHL playoff odds out there! Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Too lazy? Keep reading!

The highest NHL playoff odds are yet to come out. Why? Well, for starters, the regular season hasn’t even begun yet, and the playoffs are in more than a couple of months! Until then, sportsbooks will have to rely on regular-season wins and past failures to determine top dogs and underdogs.

That means you’re not getting the highest odds anytime soon. Besides, high odds aren’t necessary for a win. All you have to do is get your calculations right and place a bet. If you are well-informed about the standings on each team this season, you don’t have to worry about finding the highest odds.

The Sportsbook That Has The Most Recent NHL Playoff Odds

The most popular online betting sites are coming out with new NHL bets non-stop. Some of them include BetUS, BetOnline, MyBookie SportsBetting.ag, and more. All these sites offer the latest NHL playoff odds for your pleasure. You can bet now on the upcoming regular season, and later on the playoffs.

Our team has selected BetUS as the best sportsbook with recent NHL playoff odds.

BetUS is not only America’s favorite sportsbook but Canada’s, too. Why should one join and bet at BetUS? Well, for starters, the user-friendly interface. Right off the bat, you are faced with a simple layout and an easy-access drop-down menu.

The sportsbook section is astonishing. Not only can you find the latest odds here, but there are a few special subsections at the bottom of the page.

You can catch up on the most recent game by reading the sports news, or you can enter the locker room and uncover the secrets. By secrets, we mean this year’s top players and teams of all sports! That’s right. BetUS has a special section dedicated to betting predictions.

Online and live betting is on the table at BetUS. The latest odds for the NHL are available, too. Want to get the scoop? Here we go!

According to BetUS, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, Washington Capitals, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Avalanche, and the Winnipeg Jets are to win in their regular-season games. You can bet on said games on money lines or totals.

The NHL specials are for those growing tired of the repetitive money lines! You can bet on the number of games it will take for the next 100 point scorer in a season, or you can bet on the first player to record 100 points. Futures on all Conferences, Divisions, and the Stanley Cup are available, too.

The site is also bursting with welcome bonuses and all-time-players promotions. Whether you deposit with real cash or crypto, both are welcome at BetUS. Crypto is even encouraged!

Finally, this website is legit, as proven by its licensing jurisdiction.

The Best Mobile App For NHL Playoffs Betting

One of the best US online sportsbooks, FanDuel, offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Its reliability isn’t only proven by the millions of users placing bets every day. The mobile app mimics the website interface and is easy to navigate. With one click to the front page, you’ve found yourself on a page where you can see all available sports at once alongside the current top bets.

FanDuel has already created money lines for the upcoming NHL season set to begin in October. You can place an outright bet on the Stanley Cup winner, on the team that’ll receive the Presidents’ Trophy, and on the player that’ll win the Hart Memorial Trophy. Continuing, you can also place bets on the Eastern and Western champions,  the winners of each division, and whom you think will make the playoffs.

What’s more, it offers same-game parlays. As you can see, FanDuel offers a lot more than just money lines. As such, it comprises both newbies and professional bettors. In fact, bettors of all levels can enjoy this mobile app. FanDuel truly excels in the mobile app department.

Sports Interaction is a great alternative to FanDuel. It’s available only for Canadians. The mobile app is just as good and offers a lot in terms of available sports and types of betting. Let’s take a look.

Besides the money line, you can place totals and over/under bets, futures and outright bets, and more. You can even place a bet on all most popular bets at once for an exclusive deal!

The betting section offers more than just regular sports. There you will find exclusive departments where you can place bets on events from the music and film industry, as well as bets on political elections. eSports betting is also available.

The live betting section is also to die for, with so many sports on the table, including ice hockey. The casino section is ideal for those who like to spin slots on the side. It comprises top-notch software providers and the most popular slot games.

Another excellent addition to this mobile app is the betting blog. There you can read all about the latest money lines, winner predictions, and all else you crave to know about from the world of sports.

And, for newcomers, the sports betting tutorials will help a bunch! If you are new to the types of betting, don’t worry. Sports Interaction will teach you all about them!

Both FanDuel and Sports Interaction are brands you can trust. We’ve summarized the biggest advantages, and now it’s your turn to work out the odds.

NHL Playoff Betting FAQ

Is it legal to bet on NHL playoffs in Canada?

Yes, it is 100% legal to bet on the NHL playoffs in Canada.

Where can I bet on the NHL playoffs in Canada?

If you don’t feel like visiting your local sportsbook, here are some great online sportsbooks that also cater to Canadian bettors: BetUs, BetOnline, MyBookie, SportsBetting.ag, and Bovada.

What are NHL playoff odds to win the series?

We’re not sure who’s going to be the victor yet, and the latest odds don’t say much. The past couple of NHL seasons have been pretty hectic, with past top dogs becoming underdogs and the other way around. So, only time will tell.

How are NHL playoff odds determined?

NHL playoffs odds are determined based on the failure and success of each team during the regular season.

When are NHL playoff odds released?

NHL playoffs odds are released once the regular season ends and it is known which teams will be making it into the next elimination round.

How do you keep track of the odds?

There are various odds tracking apps out there as well as tutorials on how to create your own Excel betting odds sheet.

Which sportsbooks offer the best NHL playoff odds?

The two online sportsbooks with the best NHL playoff odds to come are Betway and 888sport.

How are NHL playoffs determined?

NHL playoffs are determined based on which teams score the highest during the regular seasons. The best teams move forward into the playoffs to compete for the Stanley Cup winner title.

How Do NHL playoffs work?

NHL playoffs are held after the regular season. The teams left standing going into the final games, a.k.a. the playoffs. These games determine who will make the Stanley Cup final and who will win.

What types of NHL playoffs bets can I make?

You can make money line bets, over/under or totals, point spread/handicap wagers, outrights/futures, parlays, and prop bets. Different bets carry different requirements.

How Do Stanley Cup futures work?

Stanley Cup futures are bets placed on the final outcome of the NHL season. They are called futures because you bet on an outcome waiting to happen in a couple of months. Instead of predicting the outcome of each game, players bet on the Stanley Cup final instead.

What’s NHL playoff bracket betting?

Also called March Madness pools based on the US Men’s Basketball Tournament, brackets are forms you can complete online or in person. The bettor puts down their predictions for the upcoming game that are later compared to other bettor’s predictions. Whoever guesses the closest to correct, wins.

Where can you bet on NHL ice hockey?

You can bet on the NHL at both brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and online sportsbooks.

Which sportsbook accepts NHL playoff bets?

The following online sportsbooks are the best for betting on the NHL playoffs: Betway, 888sport, BetVictor, Paddy Power, and Unibet.

Why do NHL playoffs betting odds change?

NHL playoffs betting odds change after every game and season, based on the winners and the losers. Teams that have had a weak season will usually be bet on as the underdogs the following season.

When do the NHL playoffs start?

The NHL playoffs start once the regular season ends, around April-May.

Should I bet on my favorite NHL team to win the playoffs?

Only bet on your favorite NHL team to win the playoffs if they are the top dog. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing.

Who has the most Stanley Cup rings?

The player with the most Stanley Cup rings is Henri Richard from the Montreal Canadiens.

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

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