2021 MLB Regular Schedule | Free Printable Calendar

Major League Baseball’s schedule is the longest at 162 games. The baseball season runs almost continuously from April through September, with 2430 games after all is said and done. It can be difficult to keep track of so many games. But, bettors will find the complete regular season schedule in a printable format right here. They won’t miss a single home run or strikeout.

MLB Schedule Release

The MLB schedule for next season is published in September, before the end the previous season. Most teams open their season on the first Monday in April. However, some teams start their season on the previous Monday. The MLB announces the schedules for the Wild Card games as well as the Divisional Series after the season is over.

MLB Schedule Today

The MLB regular season schedule has up to 15 games per days. You can find money lines for all games, every day of the season, with live lines and links that take you to the best Canadian betting sites. There are MLB games every day, except for the All-Star break in June. Some fixtures may be delayed by inclement weather. This means that some teams will play a doubleheader.

The MLB doesn’t host any major events during the regular season. While the trade deadline is always an important point for fans and teams, it also serves as a chance to improve the teams’ short-term and long-term prospects and has no impact on the schedule. It is not uncommon to check World Series futures following the deadline. This is because contenders frequently trade top prospects in order to strengthen their rosters and push for the playoffs. The MLB playoffs begin after the season has ended. Sometimes, they can go into November.

MLB TV Schedule

TSN and Sportsnet Canada broadcast the MLB. Sportsnet has exclusive rights to all 162 Toronto Blue Jays games as well as the MLB playoffs. TSN holds the rights to Sunday Night Baseball and other popular series throughout the week. To view all other MLB games, Canadians can subscribe MLB TV.

Last Updated on April 26, 2022

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