US Election Odds 2024 | How to Bet in Canada

Perpetual Motion. This is the current state of American politics as another election cycle is underway.

Although it seems that November 2016’s harrowing vote was yesterday, and continues to echo around the World, the USA voters will be doing it again soon.

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have started their spin machines in preparation for all parties to look to win the White House when voters go to the polls 2024.

U.S. Presidential Election 2024 Odds

Top online bookmakers have offered 2024 US Presidential election odds, despite the fact that the vote is still months away.

Although it is not a sporting event the bottom line remains the exact same. The best research will help handicappers navigate the political maze and get the best value for their USA Election betting dollars.

Who will win the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election?

While many people laugh at the idea that President Trump won’t be reelected, 888Sport betting experts placed him at 7.5 to return to the White House for a second term.

We are still some way off the 2024 election, and Trump is the favorite. The Democratic frontrunner currently serving President Joe Biden, and he looks set to stay in the White House.

While few Republicans have gathered to oppose Trump, there are many others. While most current GOP members aren’t looking to disrupt the party, there are many critics. This includes the disenchanted retired Senators Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, though neither of them made it to our odds tables.

Trump may not be a well-known figure on a worldwide political scale but he is a loved one who seems to have an unshakeable loyalty to him, no matter what.

The current Republican favorite behind Trump is former Vice President Mike Pence (26.21) who is currently posted at Bodog with a (1.91) best price. Joe Biden is well-known and could be a strong supporter of the US political system. But is it enough to keep Trump from office?

It seems unlikely. It seems unlikely. Joe Biden offers voters a different choice, but he doesn’t seem to have the same highlights Trump brings. These moments seem to be appealing to the American people.

The U.S. Election Bets Are A Long-Waving Season

You can speak your mind about Canada’s politics, but we will take it over the US mess any day. The US electoral process is never static, from local to federal elections and state-level elections with many midterm votes thrown in, The U.S. political betting lines heat up with things near now.

Here’s a simplified version of the US Presidential Election process for those who are not familiar. Officially, candidates announce that they will run 18 months before the election.

The Caucus and Primary debates begin in the summer of an election year, and last until spring. Each election year, the state-by-state Primary and Caucus voting runs from January through September. All three fields, Independent, Democrat, or Republican, are whittled during Presidential debates that take place in September and October, just before the November voting day.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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