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Political betting dates back to 1553 when King Edward VI was dying, and the merchants were placing their bets on his successors. With the pandemic situation and the break from regular sports matches, the popularity of these kinds of bets has rapidly increased. Especially with the Donald Trump and Joe Biden presidential election, given just how many people from many countries around the world were betting on them.

In Canada, punters can place their bets on how many seats will the political parties take, which one of the party leaders will be the next Prime Minister or even the exact distribution of seats among all parties.

Believe it or not, political betting is real, and you’ll come across Canada politics odds at numerous betting sites. To fully understand what politics betting is and how you can uncover political betting sites, continue reading our article!

Understanding Political Betting Odds

Since 2016, when Donald Trump shockingly won vs. Hillary Clinton, despite being an underdog, political betting has become one of the most anticipated betting options. Four years later, the battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, or the Brexit poll in Great Britain, took politics betting on a new level!

When it comes to betting, or political betting, to be more precise, never bet on your favourite. Don’t mix your emotions into this, as your disappointment might be doubled. Stay real, and bet exclusively on the person who’s more likely to win the election.

Federal Elections

In the Federal Elections in Canada, people vote for the Prime Minister and members of the House of Commons. In the plurality voting system, Canadians vote for their local Member of Parliament.

Most of the voters at the elections choose between Conservatives, Liberals, New Democrats, and Green Party. The party that will win most seats in the election can form a government, and their leader will be the next Prime Minister.

Provincial and Territorial Elections

Provincial and Territorial Elections in Canada use the voting system as the federal elections. They have fixed election days every four years. Some of the major political parties may have or may not have been related to the provincial parties. For example, the Conservative Party of Canada has no affiliation party in the provincial elections. The party with the most votes wins the election.

Unlike the Federal Election, these elections aren’t available in every sportsbook. Politically focused bookmakers offer odds only for the bigger provinces like Alberta, Quebec, or Ontario.

Municipal Elections

Depending on the location, Municipal Elections in all the provinces and territories in Canada are held on the same date every 2, 3, or 4 years. Citizens from these provinces are voting for their mayor or a city council. It is a responsibility for all Canadian Citizens to vote in these elections.

How To Bet On Canadian Politics

Betting on politics can be a fresh experience for punters who focus solely on sports. But, just as one soccer match has statistics and possible outcomes, the same goes for candidates in the elections. Stay with us, so we can break down everything you need to know about before starting your journey in political betting.

Before every election, there are opinion polls that can act as a piece of useful bonus information about the candidates or the party that has the support from the majority. The party’s campaign is another metric that you should consider before placing real money. Following the polls from every province or territory is mandatory if you want a real shot at making some profit.

Sometimes, even the biggest favourites can lose. That was the case with Trump vs Hillary. Just like in other sports, the results can always surprise you!

Choose One Of The Best Political Betting Sites

Every Canadian with 18 or more years can place bets at any betting site that is governed by the country. But, before you sign up and bet, read our tips on how to use sportsbook bonuses and promotions to increase your chances and potentially win.

Just like sports betting, research is key in making a successful betting slip. Therefore, before opening an account, always search for a betting site with a free bet bonus or promotional offers for new customers. Check their site on the internet. Compare the odds and the bonus with other bookmakers in Canada. Analyze the campaign of every candidate or party. Check the polls in Canada or around the globe regularly. See how they can affect the election. Follow these steps, and we’re optimistic that you’ll immediately amp up your political betting performance.

Another good way to check the support the politicians are getting is by following them on their social media profiles. If the majority adores them, it’s a great sign that they might get elected.

Once your research is done, sign up and open an account, fill in the required details, make sure to use your free bets bonus or any other promotion you have been given and place your bets!

Make sure to follow our tips, sign up with a reputable and fully regulated betting side, and only then start betting. Always remember, you can’t always win, so – play responsibly!

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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