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Everton has been inconsistent in recent years. Because of this, bookmakers offer a range of odds, from odds that Everton will finish fourth to odds that Everton will be relegated.

Many bookmakers offered odds for the next Everton manager after David Moyes’ departure. This was in spite of the speculation about a number of managers being offered the job.

Bookmakers are also aware of the Merseyside rivalry, offering Everton specials like odds that Everton will finish higher than Liverpool.

The odds of Everton winning the title are usually long. However, with Everton’s recent success under new ownership and management, these odds could be reduced if Everton continues to improve.

Bookmaker specials may be available on odds for Everton v Manchester United. Many bookmakers offer enhanced odds or money-back specials on Everton’s view of Manchester United, depending on the significance of the fixture.

Everton FC statistics for appearances show Neville Southall leading the pack with 751 appearances across all competitions. He is Everton’s most visible goalkeeper, and also holds the record of keeping 269 clean sheets.

Dixie Dean is Everton’s most prolific goalscorer. He scored 383 goals in 433 appearances. Romelu Lukaku, Everton’s top goalscorer in Europe with eight goals scored in nine European competition appearances, is Romelu Lukaku. Richarlison, Everton’s record signing was made in 2018, at a cost of approximately PS50 million to Watford.

Merseyside derby saw more red cards than any other Premier League fixture. Another Everton v Liverpool statistic shows that Everton has won 82 games, lost 118, and drawn 82 derby day clashes in their 282 matches.

Everton’s most notable players include Dixie Dean, Brian Labone and W R Dean. Recent additions to the Everton legends list include Neville Southall, Graeme Sharp and Brian Labone. Sharp is currently second on Everton’s all-time top goalscorer list.

Many players have been inducted into Everton Hall of Fame. Along with Joe Mercer, Gary Lineker, Alan Ball and Gary Lineker, the entire 1984/1985 team were inducted.

Last Updated on November 18, 2021

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