Ireland Rugby Odds | Bet On The Irish National Rugby Games

You will find information about Ireland’s next fixture throughout the year right here. Before you place your bet, make sure you verify that you have the right odds.

Bet on Ireland’s Rugby Games

Ireland has a proud rugby history. They played in the first international match against England in 1875. They were among the first teams to participate in the Home Nations Tournament (now known as the Six Nations), and they have won it thirteen times. However, their record at Rugby World Cup is less impressive. The Irish have never made it past the quarter finals in any of eight tournaments.

Despite this, the Irish have done well since 2003 when world rankings were introduced. Ireland ranked 2nd in 2015, which is a high ranking spot for rival teams. Although the results aren’t always in their favor, you can still count on a fierce match against them, which makes them a great choice for sports bettors.

Head to Head betting

Before you bet head-to-head it is a good idea do some research. Make sure to consider the team’s records against other teams, as well as their home and away record. While Ireland’s win rates against New Zealand and South Africa are not impressive, their win percentages against Australia (33%) and England (36% respectively are good considering that they will always be the underdogs.

Make sure to consider the differences between the three-outcome market and the two-outcome market when placing bets. The three-outcome bet line allows for a draw. This is a possible outcome, but it’s still possible. However, the two-outcome line will refund your wager if a tie occurs. The wise punter will choose the former.

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

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