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The CFL postseason is where the real drama begins. Here is where “things get real”, and the record from the regular season becomes almost insignificant. Even though the favourites have historically had a large winning percentage, upsets can happen. It’s not about who performs best, but which teams do the best. Personal history and bad blood also play a big part in making it easy for knowledgeable bettors.

How to Bet on CFL Playoffs

As rival teams often face each other again, the postseason of the CFL feels more like an extension to its regular season. This format changes the game, and regular season records should not be considered. You can find matchups that are affordable by looking at recent trends.

Although the CFL playoffs are usually won by the higher-seeded team, it is not wise to blindly bet on the favorites. Research is the best way to learn about matchups. Because of the CFL’s small league size, there will be lots of data about that during the regular season. A favourite’s past playoff performance will also give an insight into a team’s attitude toward the postseason.

Although it’s mostly coincidental, certain teams have a tendency to bow out of the playoffs at specific stages. For example, the Lions are often one-and-done. The Stampeders are a one-and-done team. The Roughriders, on the other hand, can either win the West Finals or go all the way to Grey Cup. You could get a winning edge by familiarizing yourself with trends and cross-referencing them with team performance.

Because of the CFL’s small size, teams often play each other in the post season. You will feel more comfortable understanding the matchup if you have a good grasp of head-to-head statistics. As an example, the Stampeders are 1-5 against Roughriders in six of their last six meetings but are 3-0 against Lions in their three last meetings. The Argonauts have a record of 2-6 against Alouettes in their eight last meetings, but they are 3-0 against west teams in the three last against them.

Last Updated on October 21, 2021

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